Thomas Pizzini



  • Thomas Pizzini is an Italian musician, born in Verona, where he lives. At merely 13 years old, he fell in love with music and started learning how to play guitar, thanks to which, he will soon get into the live’s music world..
    The continuous collaboration with Italian and international musicians of world reputation, sees him spacing from the blues to the jazz, from the funk to the rock, going through the electronic music in more disparate forms, ever experimenting a variety of musical atmospheres, with new structures, never banal. This allowed him over time, to sometimes nurture his talent, figuring sounds and forms out, for someone incomprehensible, reaching a unique style, where the past meets the present, trying to build a new way for the sound of the future. It stands apart from the traditional academic principles, in order to leave space to a continuous harmonic and formal research. Its job in study is methodic and assiduous. As an analogic lover, he composes his passages mixing the modern sounds of synthesizers up, drum machine and effects with live recordings of tools and musicians, who collaborate with him in distincts forms. His lives are a mix of all what’s been important for him in his life such as music, places, feelings and meetings marked by an important techno-detroit imprint, that merge with jazz atmospheres, African sounds with the Mediterranean taste, driving the listener in a mystical and sensorial experience, meant to free his own emotions through feelings and movement. All this is based on improvisations, which makes every exhibition the performance of a lifetime, sometimes painting landscapes and musical worlds. His crossovers djs range from the house to the techno, often followed by oriental atmospheres, with repeated calls to the African tribal sounds and "black-jazz" facets, almost to become a tribute to the black music. His constant musical research is intended to trace the basics for a future’s music evolution, getting close to the concept of free music, moving away from the schemes. This excludes limited infrastructures, which can stop the flow of the irrationality of the thoughts and the feelings, in an era where the music seems to have exclusively taken a consumer direction, resulting in the loss of its own erotic and emotional position. Thomas is currently working to show us, that the free and uninterested music is still the greatest beauty’s expression and the most interesting form of diversion, within and out the dance halls.

    Selected discography

    GR001_Guendalina Records 001 Thomas Pizzini - Flash EP (incl. Radio Slave Remix)