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  • The Journey Men
    The Journey Men are a production outfit from the UK, born through a mutual love of house, soul and dance music from various genre's. Behind The Journey Men name is DJ's Ben Coppin & Mr Miggs Two friends who are as comfortable DJing together, as they are having a dance off somewhere in the depths of a late night dance floor. Having built a solid understanding of each others DJ skills, musical inspirations and future aspirations - they have now taken their friendship into the studio. Their mission is to create music in their own way with a simple aim to make people dance. Inspirations will be drawn from their love of music from Soul to Jungle. You will be able to hear pieces of each genre creeping through in the Journey of sound from which this production name has been born. With releases out on Unquantize Records, Rhemi Music & Tribe Records - The Journey Men are slowly building a solid reputation for their style . The previous releases have already been supported by numerous DJ’s across the world of house music and their energetic live DJ performances have started to create quite a buzz around the UK soulful house circuit.

    Selected discography