Terron Darby



  • Owner of Brooklyn based music imprint Dance Artifakts and founder of Playdate New York which is a new, curated experience of sound and art, made by a collective of artists, musicians, and friends to bring quality electronic music to NYC.
    Entrenched in the electronic music community since the early ‘90s, Terron Darby’s experience and understanding separate him as one of the most unique and polished talents in the east coast scene. Honed by decades in the studio, Darby couples a balanced approach to life with a dedication to the craft, but always leaves room to share his wisdom with others. From record store manager, to producer, to professional audio engineer, to technology educator, to creating and producing the beloved Playdate New York party series, Darby has walked many musical avenues. Now, his path takes a new turn with the birth of his own label, Dance Artifakts. Darby’s love for music feeds on one emotion: the feeling of shared positive energy through expression. In his own words: “Anything that’s this special to me as the music I create and curate, I simply must share so that the person experiencing it can understand and create their own story with it. If something comes from good intention, it will find its way. That is the heart of Dance Artifakts.”