• tEANo is a Sheffield, England based DJ & Producer.
    “Sheffield,1988, it was the year i discovered the commodore 64! But while all my friends were comparing scores on the latest games, i was the one attaching a cheap, plastic musical keyboard on top of the computers keyboard, preparing myself for a deep 80s production session in a music production program that came with that 2nd hand c64....in 4bit! Those synth pop, blue Monday bass hops. Funny how we all craved and dreamed of that super,crisp quality..yet now we have achieved, we so desperately try so hard to re create that retro sound!? With all those 80s sounds and punchy drum machines drumming down our airwaves it was hard not to be inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode, the human league and of course gary numan! I could go on and on with inspirations as there are many that all, in there own way had their input to the direction i strive to drive..but they all, in a short time become way to mainstream artists for my liking...they soon lost that raw sound that got them where they were then, money and fame seemed to lose them their way. I never was one for that mainstream...prefering, as i grew older to avoid the main nightclubs and heading for the basement parties...the ones in a dodgy pub where you pay a bouncer in the corner £5 to let through through a side door leading to an underground sea of noise! Ahhh the good old days! I soon found my way onto radio...ok, so it wasnt legit, being set up just outside Sheffield City Centre in an overlooking residential towerblock... but feeding those hunger needs of that raw, undergroundness( if thats an actual word). In turn in the 90s, radio DJs managed to secure residencies in clubs and events alover the country...us “mere mortals” warming up the decks for headlining acts such as asterix n space and the godfather of electronic music...MR Carl Cox! Now, music production is all i get time for. Doing what i can musically while the kids are sleeping in bed, And between school runs....im sooooo rock n roll 😂 I just cant leave music alone...i crave when Im away from the studio...its like a constant calling.....that raw, underground hunger, calling to be fed. ...Now in 2017, im Following the likes of roel salemink and carl cox....and of course...Numan. I carry on, not a single care in the world of track sales or stream counts...as long as that inner hunger has been fed then thats ‘job done.... Percentages, Euros and Pounds are just a bonus that comes along with producing. Funny thing now, those same friends from ’88 invite me to play football online. I still happily decline... and head for the studio... Feed that hunger” tEANo

    Selected discography

    "Feel Like EP" - Beech Recordings