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  • Tarlouf x is a French Dj, producer, party’s organizer & Label manager of BTRAX records. As resident dj @ Rex Club, Nouveau Casino & 4 elements, BTRAX & SQUEEZE Party's co-organizer.
    Tarlouf x is a French Dj, producer, party’s organizer & Label manager of BTRAX records. As resident dj @ Rex Club, Nouveau Casino & 4 elements, BTRAX & SQUEEZE Party's co-organizer. He invite artists like : Chris Liebing, Extrawelt, Len Faki, Marc Romboy, Fairmont, Reinhard Voigt, Guy Gerber, Slam, Psycatron, Richard Bartz, Marc Houle, Hobo, Dusty Kid, Pig & Dan, Steve Rachmad, Blake Baxter, Phuture Traxx, X Pansul, The Youngsters, Gregor Tresher, Scan 7, Pascal Feos, Monika Kruse, Beroshima, Valentino Kanzyani, Dj Preach, Deetron, Anderson Noise, Mau Mau, Kammy, Renato Ratier, Eli Iwasa, Bruno Correia, Oscar Bueno Maxime Dangles, Jack de Marseille, Master H, Melle Caro, Marc Antona, DJ Deep, Lowkey, Rodriguez Jr, Brett Longmann, Daisy aka Mandragore … Tarlouf X is co-founder and manager of BTRAX records label, with productions of reputed international artists like Scan 7, Vince Watson, Electric Rescue, SCAN X, Julian Jeweil, Mr C, Leandro Gamez, Dj Mau Mau, Dj Mary, Alix Roy, Kaine, Rojter & Edin Chuturic… Since early nineties he handled the turntables with dexterity and a lot of personality. His style oscillate between Techno, Tech house & minimal, that of which enables to export himself regularly in Brazil & throughout Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Belgium, Macedonia...) Tarlouf X was co-founder and manager of Basement Trax and Statik record shops from 1996 till 2002. BTRAX records Founded in Paris 2003, the label BTRAX records is Ben Men & Tarlouf X association. With a strong background rich of experiences as djs, party organisers and record dealer, sharp and integral in their musical choices, these activists of the french electronic music scene have now become producers of international artists.The BTRAX record label dedicated to electronic musics from electro to techno, points forwards a promissing future and hasn't finished surprising us... _Web www.btraxrecords.com www.beatport.com/btraxrecords _Releases BTX01 | SCAN 7 “The result” ep - remix Alex K i listen BTX02 | Dj Mau Mau “The Lov.e Club” ep - remix Mr C i listen BTX03 | Dj Mary “Tranquility” ep - remix Leandro Gamez & DAV i listen BTX04 | Electric Rescue “Forthcoming” ep - remix Vince Watson i listen BTX05 | Alix Roy “Club you” ep - Remix SCAN X i listen BTX06 | Marcelo Tag & Tek "Torino" ep i listen BTX07 | Electric Rescue “One Stop There” ep i listen BTX08 | Dj Kaine “Wake up” ep i listen BTX09 | Edin Chuturic & Rojter “Danza Macabra” ep i listen BTX10 | Julian Jeweil “Error” - remix Electric Rescue i listen MAIN GIGS NATIONAL FRANCE Rex Club (Paris) Nouveau Casino (Paris) La Scène (Paris) Batofar (Paris) Glazart (Paris) Opa (Paris) Café de la danse (Paris) La Loco (Paris) Le Showcase (Paris) Trabendo (Paris) Social Club (Paris) La fleche d’or (Paris) Comantes (Paris) What’s up Bar (Paris) Divan du Monde (Paris) L’ile Enchantée (Paris) Cithéa (Paris) Cave du Chapelais (Paris) Sherwood (Paris) Boxers (Paris) Twins (Paris) Salon Mix Move (Paris) Mandunga (Paris) River queens (Paris) Kiosk (Lille) Villa Rouge (Montpellier) Colysée (Strasbourg) HW (Nancy) Ninkasi (Lyon) Olympic (Nantes) Kaya (Valence) Xenon (Chambéry) Chakra (Rouen) Black Hall (Amiens) & Belfort, La Rochelle, Tours, Cherbourg, Play party, El.ue party, Insomniak Party … Radio Fg, Radio Sensations MAIN GIGS INTERNATIONAL BRAZIL D edge (Sao Paulo) Hot Hot (Sao Paulo) Love club (Sao Paulo) Vegas (Sao Paulo) Cancun club (Manaus) Sin House club (Manaus) Dama De Ferro (Rio) Fosfobox (Rio) Manga Rosa (Sao Paulo) Mood Club (Sao Paulo) Kraft (Campinas) Sirena club (Maresias) Dot club (Ribeirao preto) Marista Hall (Belo Horizonte) Hypnotique (Brazilia) Summerstage (Ilha Bela) Smartbiz Café (Sao Paulo) Energia 97 (Sao Paulo) NETHERLANDS & GERMANY Club Massa (Eindhoven) Het Stroomhuis (Eindhoven) Tresor (Berlin) Universal Dog (Lahr) SPAIN & ITALY Camara (Barcelone) Before (Barcelone) Mosquito Club (Vérone) Doctor Sax (Turin) Fluido (Turin) Leoncavallo (Milan) BELGIUM Decadence (Gent) PORTUGAL Europa (Lisbonne) CROATIA & SLOVENIA Orinoco Club (Koprivnica) Monteserpente club (Pula) K4 (Ljubljana) MACEDONIA & GREECE Papaya (Skopje) Thermaikos (Thessalonique) Beach bar made’s (Geoponika/Kallikratia) ,

    Selected discography

    Eric Tarlouf - Takedem ou Tadoor ep - Electric Rescue + Alex D'elia & Nihil young remixes - Frequenza Eric Tarlouf - Taormina ep - Kaine + Kreiss & Gfp remixes - Electronical Reeds Eric Tarlouf - Commitment ep - Sabotage records