• Hailing from Antwerp, Xavier Van Bouwel has made a unique impression since he first appeared on the scene. With his debut EP ‘Us Together’, out via Lobster Theremin in 2017, consisting of..
    ..three beautifully melodic and emotionally charged tracks, out via Lobster Theremin in 2017, this young Belgian producer and DJ has already followed up with a remix of Hammer’s ‘Man Ray’ on Loft Records, a second EP for Lobster Theremin, entitled 'Close Your Eyes (And Feel)' and two contributions to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur's label Nice Age. His releases have turned heads and generated very real excitement for his next moves, as he appears to be seeking personal connection through his sound, more intimate than many of his contemporaries. Supreems' production style is emotive first and foremost, while his deejay sets and mixtapes display a wide range of sounds and influences, all connected to coherent and emotionally reverberating hours of music. After impressing with a 4 hour set in Panorama Bar and with Bicep naming him as one of their favourite up and coming artists in Mixmag, Supreems is certainly one to watch.

    Selected discography

    Us Together EP // Lobster Theremin Hammer 'Man Ray' Supreems Remix // Loft Records Close Your Eyes (And Feel) EP // Lobster Theremin Amygdala EP // Nice Age Will Silver 'We Can Talk' Supreems Remix // Nice Age