Substance & Program



  • A Producers duo creating their own sound and image But most of all doing what they love and sharing it with others perfection is for legal medication . They stand for imperfection!
    Airco Kenny and Tommy McKinley are 2 friends who found each other in the nightlife of Ghent and extended their friendship beyond the parties. The step towards producing was inevitable. Tommy McKinley’s musical background and technical knowledge combined with Airco Kenny’s fresh perspective was the perfect combination for creating booming tracks. The studio felt like home, it became the birthplace of no-nonsense tracks and live acts that have caused much ear damage along the way. This duo implies their own significant sound and image, but most importantly they are just doing what they do best and love sharing it with the party people. Aside from their own studio work they are also a helping hand and creative input to ‘Thrill Recordings’, a Belgian label that supports new innovating talents to enfold themselves and spread their music. Perfection is for legal medication. ‘Substance And Program’ stand for imperfection!

    Selected discography

    # ASGTRD001 1 Mining Coal Original Mix 2 Mining Coal Quake's Detroit Ore Remix 3 Basic Run Original Mix Thrill Recordings is back with a brand new chapter. We give you: `Drill , with techno as the key ingredient. Many styles of techno now exist, but it is seen as the foundation upon which a number of subgenres have been built. Drill is the soundtrack to its more deviant, rebellious side. Starring in our first edition is Substance and Program, a producing duo leaving no limbs to rest. They are defined by their own significant sound, but most importantly they are doing what they love the most. Perfection is for legal meditation. They stand for imperfection and we are thrilled to watch their magic flourish. `Mining Coal digs in right away with a bottom heavy bounce followed by peak time moments of madness. A staggering circle of unraveling industrial samples, loaded with sync claps, rolling kicks and mahogany beats carried over the punching bass line. What you hear is what you get. The Quake remix dominates with a single interval beat garnished in acidic strikes collecting various noise elements along its journey. Theres a feeling of rawness dominating the track. It can be heard through the kaleidoscopic sounds and consistent beats pulling together, triggering every sensory nerve. This number is intensely rich in Detroit history. `Basic Run is a more darker track where a pace killing rhythm takes control and leaves no room for hesitations. Distorted noises barge in and out skipping across the surface. A relentless pursuit of hardness, stripped down to the bare essentials of techno....