Stephan Hinz



  • After exploding onto the scene with ‘Doch’, arguably one of the best techno slammers of 2014, on Pan-Pot’s Second State imprint, Berlin-based Stephan Hinz’s career has been on a stratospheric rise.
    A talented live artist, Hinz is a master at the controls and an orchestral raconteur of the highest caliber. His live sets explosive original material, leaving sweaty ravers in packed clubs wondering what the hell just happened. 2016 was even more successful, with debut EPs on seminal labels such as Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD and Carl Cox’s Intec (the latter following a collaborative release with Philipp Ruhmhardt back in 2015), along with more new music on Second State, notably the techno stomper ‘Venom’. These achievements join an impressive back catalogue from labels such as Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. Hinz’s skill both in the studio and on the dancefloor have catapulted him from DJ’s favourite to the discerning clubber’s choice; as a result, he’s garnered impressive bookings worldwide with esteemed promoters including Awakenings, London Warehouse Events (LWE), LEAF London and HYTE, and bookings at prominent clubs such as Gashouder (Ams), Amnesia (Ibiza), Kristal Glam (RO), Watergate (DE) and Baum (Colombia). Whilst the last couple of years have been integral to the young producer’s success and reputation, his contribution to electronic music has always been diverse; after all, this is an artist whose love for classical and orchestral led him to apply for an internship with Hans Zimmer (he might still consider a call back!). His tenure hosting the eminent ‘DASDING Plattenleger’ radio show is now in its eighteenth year, and he composes music for film and television, including the upcoming film ‘2Close2u’ which will be premiered at Canada Independent Film Festival in February 2017.

    Selected discography

    Michael Klein & Stephan Hinz - Far Sight (Second Statte) Stephan Hinz - Off Numbers EP (Intec) Stephan Hinz - Onyx (Second State) Stephan Hinz - Outreach EP (MOOD) Stephan Hinz - Venom EP (Second State) Stephan Hinz & Clint Stewart - Fall To Earth (Second State) Stephan Hinz & Philipp Ruhmhardt - Magnet EP (Intec) Stephan Hinz - Unsentimental EP (Second State) Stephan Hinz - Breakout (Drumcode) Stephan Hinz & Pan-Pot - Tension (Second State) Stephan Hinz & Philipp Ruhmhardt - Hak (Second State) Stephan Hinz & Clint Stewart - Shimmer (Second State) Stephan Hinz - Throwl EP (Second State) Stephan Hinz - Hungry (Watergate Records) Hinz & Ruhmhardt - Doch (Second State) Hinz & Ruhmhardt - Panther (Second State)