• Simbad knows no boundaries musically. His critically acclaimed 2008 album “Supersonic Revelation” for Raw Fusion Records touched on retro soul, house, and hip-hop whilst also managing to twist the minds of the techno and electronic communities worldwi..
    Simbad knows no boundaries musically. His critically acclaimed 2008 album “Supersonic Revelation” for Raw Fusion Records touched on retro soul, house, and hip-hop whilst also managing to twist the minds of the techno and electronic communities worldwide. Apart from his busy remix schedule, Simbad travels the world recording artists and singers from all corners of the globe, DJs everywhere, and hosts radio shows for stations such as Ministry of Sound and DejaVu and actively collaborates with dance music legends such as Zed Bias, Phil Asher, and Karizma in the studio. Young prodigy of good music, DJ & producer Simbad has become, in the time of 3 albums and more than 200 productions & remixes (on prestigious labels such as Raw Fusion, Defected, Freerange & Brownswood, and under many aliases), one of the most in demand beatmakers in today’s worldwide electronic scene. Constantly travelling between London, Tokyo or New York via Puerto Rico & other places, he has worked with great artists including Ron Trent, Robert Owens, Gonzalez, Tony Allen & Bugz In The Attic or Talvin Singh, to name a few. His warm compositions & original dancefloor stormers have given a breath of fresh air in the world of dance music (like his classics ‘Soul Fever’ or ‘Peaktime’ praised by many DJs) as they are a mix of a large music culture ranging from jazz to reggae, funk to hip-hop, dub to garage & deep house via techno & soul… Simbad’s exceptional sense of groove has built him a solid reputation along his peers, making him a very in demand DJ on the international circuit with electronic sets full of surprises for the pleasure of smiling clubbers…positive vibes guaranteed!

    Selected discography

    SELECTED DISCOGRAPHY: - NOBLE SOCIETY Album "Noble Society" (Chronic Rec.) 2000 - BEATKEEPERS "Lover" (Safehouse rec.) 2000 - AUDIOMONTAGE "Return to Utopiam" (Freerange rec.) 2001 - TWITCH "Vol. 1" (Key rec.) 2001 (voted best listeners single on bbc london radio in 2002) - LOOSE ENSEMBLE "Apollo Soul" EP (Foundation) 2002 - LOOSE ENSEMBLE "Apollo Funk" ep (Foundation) 2002 - SIMBAD "Food of Thoughts",on the REFLECTION COMPILATION (1k rec.) 2002 - MOWGLY "Keep Da Faith" (Visions rec.) 2003 - HEAL "Bubblin'" (Key Rec.) 2003 - LOOSE ENSEMBLE "Catalyst" EP (Foundation) 2003 - TWITCH "Chop This Up" (Mint Music) 2004 - SIMBAD "El Hoggar" (Nasha Music) July 2003 - SIMBAD "Peaktime" (Earth Project) April 2004 - LES BARONS "EP" Boosey & Hawkes 2004 - MARATHON MEN "All I Want" (Je Ne Sais Quoi Rec.) May 2004 - MARATHON MEN “In Paradise” (J N S Q rec.) May 2005 ( nomited in top 20 tunes of the year on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show on bbc radio1 for 2005) - MARATHON MEN “BLESSINGS” Album (Chillifunk Nov 2005) - MARATHON MEN Ep1 (Chillifunk Nov 2005) - MARATHON MEN & SIMBAD “Sweet exorcist/Gospel golpe) (Gamm rec. Dec 2005) - MOWGLY “2nite’s da nite” (faces feb 2006) - MARATHON MEN “Ode 2 P-funk” (J N S Q Dec 2005) - LOOSE ENSEMBLE “1989” (Foundation Nov 2005) - MOWGLY “Solar System” ep (Freerange 2006) - SIMBAD feat. Steelo “Soul Fever” (Original & Remix) (Raw Fusion 2006) (Included in the top 3 Tune of 2006 as voted by BBC Radio 1 listeners on GP Worldwide, Best Single Of The Year as voted by music community & Best 12’ as voted by many Music Shops in & outside UK), currently playlisted on FM Radios) - MARATHON MEN “Blessings” Ashley Beedle & Unabombers Remixes (Chillifunk april 2006) - SIMBAD feat. Abdul Shyllon “Supersonic Revelation” (Raw Fusion 2007) - MARATHON MEN “Stay Here/Bye Bye Babe” (GAMM 2007) - SIMBAD feat. Melo ‘’After The Dance’’ Bugz In The Attic mixes - SIMBAD feat. Abdul Shyllon ‘’Supersonic Revelation” (restless soul mix) - SIMBAD ‘Supersonic Revelation’ Album (Toy’s Factory & Raw Fusion (oct 2007) - SIMBAD ft Rich Medina ‘Momentum’ Treble O 2008 - TettoryBad ft Fatima ‘Unite’ Sonar Kollektiv/Jazzy Sport 2008 - SIMBAD Digital Revolution 2008 Coopr8 - TETTORYBAD (aka TTBLK & Simbad) ‘Unite’ Album Jazzy Sport/Toy’s Factory 2008 - Simbad Remixes Vol 1 Key Recordings spring 2009 - Simbad Remixes Vol 2 Key Recordings autumn 2009 REMIXES: - Dissidenten "Jungle Book" ( Simbad vs Mowgly remix)Exil Music 2001 - Shur-I-Kan "Halfstep" (Simbad retouch) - Shur-i-kan "Halfstep" (Simbad vs Mowgly Late Nite Mix) Freerange records 2002 - Jazzworx "Hae" (Loose Ensemble Soulful Mix) - Joel Harrison "El Sonido Loco" (Loose Ensemble Remix) Foundation Music 2002 - Noble Society "Word To Da Wise" (Simbad "Bwoy" Remix) Oplus rec. 2002/Key rec. 2003 - Everyday People "I Can't Sleep" (Simbad Smooth Remix) Earth Project 2003 - Joel Harrison "Spacewayz" (Loose Ens. Remix) (Foundation Music) July 2003 - Francois de Roubais "La Mer Est Grande" (Twitch Remix) Cinemix Warner Jazz 2003 - Serge Gainsbourg "La Horse" (Marathon Men Disco Remix) Cinemix Warner Jazz 2003 - Janko Nilovic "Giant Locomotion" (Simbad Oldskool Remix) Cosmic Sounds 2004 - E-man "Respect The Music" (Loose Ensemble Remix) Jellybeans 2004 - Simbad "Peaktime" (Twitch 4/4 Mix) Earthproject 2004 - Directions "Deep Talking" (Marathon Men Talkin' Deep) Diaspora rec. 2004 - Seb Martel "Verlan" (Marathon Men aka Twitch Remix) Delabel 2004 - Super Thriller "I Wanna Dance" (Twitch mix) Mint music 2004 - Trevor Loveys "Sambooka" (Simbad remix) Loungin' Rec. 2005 - Broki “ah viene broki” (Simbad remix & dub) ABCD/Goya 2006 - Roy Ayers “Mystic Voyage/Mystic Bounce” (Newall & Simbad Downtown remix) BBE nov 2005 - J Todd “She’s wicked” (Marathon Men remix) Altered Vibes march 2006 - Tortured Souls “Enjoy it now” (Marathon Men remix) R2 rec. 2006 - Domu “Dangerous Times” (Simbad Remix) Goya/Co-op 2006 - Light Of The World “Walk Don’t Run” (Simbad Remix) EMI april 2006 - Light Of The World “Walk Don’t Run” (Marathon Men remix) EMI april 2006 - Oblique “Sugar Slow” (Mowgly Remix) Foundation april 06 - Slope “You Got To” (Simbad Remix) Sonar Kollektiv 2007 - Candela Allstars “Brobombique” (Simbad Remix) Candela 2007 - Simbad feat. Abdul Shyllon “Supersonic Revelation” (Marathon Men Remix) Raw Fusion 2006 - Breaktrough ft Amp Fiddler (Simbad Remix) Pantone rec. 2007 - Sumo ‘Gravity’ (Simbad remix) Heya Hifi rec. 2007 - Karizma ‘It Is What I Am’ (Simbad Remix) R2 rec. 2007 - Simbad ft Abdul Shyllon ‘Supersonic Revelation’ (Marathon Men Remix) Raw Fusion 2007 - Ben Westbeech ‘Get Closer’ (Marathon Men Remix & Dub) Brownswood rec. 2007 - Jose James ‘Spirits Up Above’ (Simbad Deep Mix) Brownswood rec 2008 - Jose James & Simbad ‘Spirits Up Above’ (Simbad Cosmic Boogie Mix) Bronwswood jan 2008 - 4 Hero ‘Look Inside’ (Izmabad Remix & Dub) Raw Canvas spring 2008 - Opolopo ‘All Systems Down’ (Izmabad Mix) Deeper Soul rec spring 2008 - Mike Dunn ‘God Made Me Phunky’ (Izmabad Remix & Dub) Defected feb 2008 - Paul Randolph ‘Lonely Eden’ (Simbad Slow Mix) Still Music spring 2008 - B.D.I ‘Brooklyn to LA’ (Simbad Quick Edit) 2007 - Right Direction ‘Midnite Rhythm’ (Simbad 12’’ Mix) Still Music 2007 - Nicole Willis ‘Invisible Man’ (Simbad Deepstep Mix) ATC 2007 - Broki ft. Lisa M ‘Brukeaton’ (Simbad Remix & Dub) Key rec 2007 - Vadim ‘Like The Wind’ (Afrobad Remixes) BBE 2008 - Stee Dawnes Something New (Simbad Old Skool Mix) Sonar Kollektiv 2008 - Lady Alma Running For Nothing (Simbad Remix) Antipoddean Rec 2008 - Joel Harrison ft Alison David Open Up My Heart (Marathon Men Mix) Soul Science Rec 2008 - Elizabet Shepard Shinnig Tears (Simbad Remixes & Dub) Do Right Music 2009 - Stevie Wonder Uptight (Simbad Remix) 2009