• Hailing from Detroit, the birthplace of techno, Sherif is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of underground techno.
    Sherif's music is really all about connecting with listeners through great energy, lush soundscapes, powerful low end and gritty production aesthetics, not unlike influential performers such as Stacey Pullen. Sherif approaches his production with a refreshing mindset and a creative attitude, overlooking at the roots of the techno genre while constantly trying to set the bar higher by innovating his music and create some beautiful, yet subtle cross contamination with other genres of the ever-expanding electronic world. As a DJ over the past 10 years, Sherif can often be found performing in his native Detroit and some of his current stomping grounds such as TV Lounge, but has also graced dance floors, from LA to Miami and Canada to Mexico. Live sets are definitely an important part of Sherif’s work and vision, as this is when he can truly interact with his listeners, sharing a nearly magnetic connections through the strength of his forward-thinking sets that engage with the crowd in a very special way, whether he’s headlining or performing as a warm-up act. With his following growing across the Midwest Sherif established multiple residences including in Cleveland (Anatomy) and (Windsor, Canada (Boom Boom Room). Sherif has performed with notable artists including; Maxxi Soundsystem, Droog, Lauren Lane, Kevin Sanderson, Hot Since 82, Victor Calderone, Ambivalent, Jay Lumen, Troy Pierce, Satoshi Tommie, Alan Fitzpatrick & John Acquaviva to name a few. In 2010, Sherif released Dope Speaker, which was picked up by Myth. Records but first making its way onto one of dance music’s biggest and oldest labels Perfecto. Owned by Paul Oakenfold, Perfecto released Dope Speaker on its compilation album series Perfecto Presents. By 2012 Sherif launched his own imprint Slur Records, which delivers driving techno and house inspired sounds more representative of what you would expect from seeing Sherif live. Whether in the studio or behind the decks, Sherif’s unique style is born out of the musical influences from his childhood — Detroit techno, traditional Ethiopian sounds, classic orchestra and jazz. Realizing the power of music at a young age, Sherif set out to share his passion for pulsating rhythms with others.

    Selected discography

    Dischord - Limelite (sherif remix) - Slur [2016] Yos - Facination (yos & sherif dub) - Slur [2016] SHERIF - I Feel It - Slur [2013] SHERIF - Tick Tock - Slur [2013] SHERIF - Feel Good Music - Slur [2012] SHERIF - Dope Speaker (dub) - [Perfecto | Myth. Records] [2010]