Scott Featherstone



  • Resident DJ at Structure, Legends of House Owner of DAC (Deeper Audio Cuts) & Jupiter Label
    In the 90s, Scott released a series of EPs that went by relatively unnoticed until recently. These records are now Highly sort after, having been rediscovered by new school and up and coming DJs worldwide, with veterans such as Desyn (Seekers) and Alex Picone (Small Black Dots) helping in this rediscovery too. Tracks on Scott’s DAC (Deeper Audio Cuts) label are sort after gems in this era of vinyl records making a return to the underground scene, with digital releases being, in general the same old, same old. DAC is perhaps the sound of yesternow, modern yet classic in style. Scott continues to record, produce and DJ Underground House Music, working closely with Vocalist Kym Sims along with many other DJs and House Artist around the world as well as working on remix projects for general release. Also an accomplished DJ himself, Scott plays regularly at events, clubs and bars: TRACKED UNDERGROUND LEGENDS OF HOUSE STRUCTURE CT

    Selected discography

    Beyond A Void – Beyond A Void EP 1991 (VOID001) Lemmon Grass – EP01(ITCHY) 1994 Lemmon Grass – EP02(One O Them) 1995 TriForm – Three Elements of Sound EP 1997 (DAC001) A1 PUSH A2 THE PRIMARY FUNCTION AA1 REACHING IN [PT2] Glorious Springtime – Glorious Springtime EP 1997 (DAC002) A1 MY JUPITER ROX'S(REWURK) A2 TAKE A BREAK AA3 MY JUPITER ROX'S AA4 END Scott Featherstone & Tino - Circles (Sccucci One - SCCUCCI001) CONSTELLATION 01 EP – JLV001 Jupiter label 2018 (Compilation EP) Rewurk Ft Ed Mahoo – Keep Your Body Movin' (A1) Scott Featherstone – Clean Air (A3) Lemmon Grass – RE-ITCHY EP 2019 (DAC003) RKOD-20 2019 (Compilation EP) Beyond A Void – Electro30 Kym Sims – DANCE FLOOR EP – JLV003 Jupiter label 2019 Scott Featherstone – Dance Floor (Original House Mix) (A1) Scott Featherstone – Dance Floor (House Remix) (A3) OCD presents The Secret Sun: Beyond A Void – Reentry EP [OCD.SS-TWO TriForm Dat & That EP - DAC004 Lemmon Grass aka Scott Featherstone [ELEGAL2] Triform - Vinaloop [FAC-01] (Search – Scott Featherstone on for digital Discography)