• Sano is a DJ and producer from Medellín, Colombia resident in Barcelona, Spain.
    As DJ and musician he has been very active in his hometown Medellín, being part of a collective throwing the illegal "Perro Negro" parties; reviving the spirit of a legendary club of the 50ies and 60ies, where thieves, guerrilleros and prostitutes join to enjoy the music of Daniel Santos and La Sonora Matancera, for example. That same combination of volume, darkness and sub-culture is generated here again, but with a new kind of swing. SANO comes from SALSA and stumbled into a dance music style of today. Since 2011 he's publishing music under the Cómeme label with appearances in various label compilations, one single 12” and an upcoming double 12” on late 2013. Also collaborates in the Radio Cómeme project with his monthly shows “El Disco es Cultura” and “Al mal tiempo buena salsa”.

    Selected discography

    Chupa! - Cómeme 2012 SANO - Cómeme 2013 RIONEGRO - Cómeme 2015 Los Muchachos - Cómeme 2016 Latino Body Music Vol. 1 - Public Possession 2016