Salman Jaberi



  • Salman Jaberi is a counterculture aficionado, DanceSafe National affiliate, and founder of Rave Scout Cookies. Jaberi is most notable for his active role in the North American queer underground dance music scene and involvement in harm reduction advocacy.
    Salman is a cultural and experiential producer with a stellar record of storytelling concepts, designing identities, and executing holistic cultural initiatives for leading brands in a range of industries, such as KAYAK, True Colors United, and DGTL Festival. Born and raised on the island of Bahrain, Salman moved to London for college at the age of 16 and so it turned into his lifelong home away from home. His journey in the underground rave realm began early in 2008 when he coincidentally crossed paths with a flock of goth ravers after he locked himself out of his apartment one morning. Salman plunged into a four-day bender, attending industrial raves and after-hours in East London's debris-filled warehouses. However, Jaberi's professional involvement in the dance music industry began shortly after moving to the US in 2015. His passion and interest in dance floor politics and his purpose to bring about change gradually came to light as he plunged deep into the North American queer underground electronic music community. Resident Advisor coined Salman as "a de facto spokesperson for community, mutual aid and harm reduction in dance music and rave culture" in reference to his contributions to the underground dance music scene.