• Sakro, dj and producer of house Music, born in Aguascalientes, Mexico. He has released music for labels like Visionquest, Half Baked, Raum...Musik, La Vie En Rose, Karlovak, Housewax, Fathers and Sons Productions, Amam, Houseworx, and Bon Vivant.
    Born and raised in Mexico, Sakro represents the new wave of electronic music djs and producers who are leaving their mark in the international scene. With his House and Minimal influences, Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop from Detroit and Chicago, he sets his unique style in each of his productions and performances. His productions have been released in both formats, digital and vinyl, on labels such as Raum…Musik, Half Baked, Visionquest, Pleasure Zone, Karlovak, La Vie En Rose, Politics of Dancing, Savor, Housewax, Fathers and Sons Productions, Amam, Houseworx and now Bon Vivant, his own label alongside the talented Andrade. His compositions have been played by respected names like Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Fumiya Tanaka, Dorian Paic, Richie Hawtin, Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Dyed Soundorom, D’julz to ZIP – co-founder of Perlon Recordings label – who included his production ‘Jazz in the Forest’ in his latest FABRIC 67 compilation. This has lead him to perform in important platforms such as Boiler Room in Mexico City. He has stood out for his productions since many years, in 2017 his EP on Raum...musik was called one of the best releases of the year according to Resident Advisor and DJ Mag. Sakro keeps bringing his groove in every production and performance.

    Selected discography

    Sakro Mexico Deep - Aguascalientes EP Minimo Records (2011) Sakro Mexico Deep - Aguascalientes II EP Minimo Records (2011) Sakro Jazz'O EP feat. Asylum (12” & digital) Remixes from The Midnight Perverts, Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector. Darek Records (2011) Asylum Asylumina EP Asylum - Linoleum (Sakro Remix) Nonpop Records (2011) VA Autumn Sakro & Glisser - The Birds Dialtone Records (2011) Pat King - Noises From Above Remixes EP Pat King - Noises From Above (Sakro Remix) Fade Records (2011) VA Compilation Sakro - Did you know what it feels to miss you? Nonpop Records (2011) Muchachos Y Cabrones Sakro - Dark Martini Toys For Boys (2011) Pat King Right and Wrong EP Pat King - Hit Me (Sakro Remix) Klectik Records (2011) Signal Deluxe Digital Amarilla Remixes EP Signal Deluxe - Digital Amarilla (Sakro Remix) Fade Records (2012) Sakro Believe in House EP w/ Paravoice (12” & digital) Houseworx (2012) Sakro Kids EP Remixes from Max Jacobson & Ari Frank, John Johr and Marc Cotterell Klecktik (2012) Ivan Dbri Don't Hold Back EP Ivan Dbri - Don't Hold Back (Sakro Remix) Pantamuzik (2012) Sakro Your Sounds EP Remixes from Dirty Culture & Terje Kinn TheSounds (2012) FABRIC 67 Mixed by ZIP Jazz In the Forest (Houseworx) Fabric Records (2013) MWS Lost & Found EP MWS – 0013 (Sakro Remix) Wize Vision Records (2013) Sakro The One EP (12” & digital) Remix from Jaffa Surfa Houseworx (2013) Sakro From The Streets EP Remixes from Krondstadt Impulse and Brandub TheSounds (2013) Sakro Boulevard EP (12” & digital) Remix S3A (Sampling As An Art) Street Knowledge (2014) Sakro Real Deal EP (12” & digital) Remix from Andrade Lake Placid (2014) VA Monsters of House (12” & digital) Sakro - Satisfy Your Soul My House is Your House (2014) Hand Out - The Sun Has Woken Up Sakro. Max Jacobson - Going Down (Original Mix) Sakro . Max Jacobson - Grandeur Of (Original Mix) Amam (2014) Sakro Lemonade EP (12" & Digital) Housewax (2015) Julian Perez FAS010 (12") Julian Perez, Sakro - Falling Again Fathers and Sons Productions Sakro Everybody Dies Young EP feat Mike Montaño (Digital) Remix LYE (Loquace, Yamen & Eda) La Vie En Rose (2015) Sakro / Champy KRLVK 6 (12" & Digital) Sakro - A Night Forever Karlovak (2016) Sakro From North to South EP (12" & Digital) Collaboration with Brandub, Max Jacobson & Mike Montano. Houseworx (2016) Chez Damier, Eddie Leader & Tomson Im With You Remixes EP (12" & digital) Chez Damier, Eddie Leader & Tomson - Im With You (Sakro Remix) Hudd Traxx (2016) Andrade/Sakro Bon Vivant 001(12") Bon Vivant Ltd (2016) Sakro No Time To Explain Raum...musik (2017)