Rustam Ospanoff



  • Resident DJ at Public Records. Founder & Creative Director of the Jazzystan Music Festival (Since 2009).
    Rustam Ospanoff gathers all the deepest soul sounds from around the world and elegantly delivers them in gorgeous musical journeys. Hailing from Kazakhstan, his creative goal has always been to expose diverse music to people through the curation of special events, live concerts and radio shows. He is best known for being the founder of Jazzystan Music Festival (this ran from 2009 in Almaty, KZ) and producing 28 music festivals over 9 years in his home country. Now that Rustam lives in New York City, he has become a polished and versatile DJ who is as comfortable playing a dark underground house party as he is at an upscale hotel bar. Rustam possesses a record collection that has a unique worldview - every song he plays has a beautiful deep sound and a dynamic rhythmic beat that fills a room with warm and upbeat energy. Crowds might not know what he’s playing, but they will know that it is the right sound for a magical moment in New York City.