Rush Plus

  • Aliases
    Jackson Ryland, Jus Nowhere
  • Location
    United States of America
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  • Rush Plus is the combination of friends and collaborators, Jackson Ryland & Jus Nowhere with a slant toward experimental, driving techno.
    Booking information[email protected]

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Past events

    • Sat, 12 Dec 2020

      Common 12.DEC.2020

      The Librarian, Trinity, Electric Indigo, rRoxymore, Sappho, Sinistarr, Addison Groove, Big Dope P, Arthur Kimskii, Naphta, Tsurugi, Young Male, hiT͟Hərˈto͞o, Kasey Riot, HomeSick, Jon1st, The Mugris, Rush Plus, Itoa, SwaggaCats, Anna Morgan, KMRU, Rosa Anschütz, Chamberlain Zhang, Nix (NL), Cuban Chamber of Commerce, materia hache, n3t4, Gretchen Bazooka, INNEZZ, Kim Cosmik, hybral, Dj Casanouva, dogheadsurigeri

    RA Pick
    • Fri, 15 Nov 2019

      SEQUENCE.717_ VTSS, Rachel Noon

      Tsurugi, VTSS, Rush Plus, Juana, Rachel Noon, Gabberbitch69
      Washington DC
      TBA - Washington DC
      Coming from two of the most trusted New York-based projects, Unter's Rachel Noon and Discwoman's Juana are an iconic link-up. Expect driving techno and shadowy rave sounds from this crew.

    RA Pick
    • Thu, 31 Oct 2019

      Flesh Halloween

      Function, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Tommy Cornelis, Rush Plus
      Function—and his fluid, melodic and powerful style of techno—is the big draw here, but don't sleep on Rush Plus, a local act who know how to bang it out proper.

    • Fri, 10 May 2019


      Vincent Neumann, Arthur Kimskii, Rush Plus, Juana
      Washington DC
      TBA - Washington DC