Rob Regan



  • It’s rare for one to come across the house scene at the tender age of 12, but not for Rob Regan, who was exposed to House music by his next door neighbors, who were friends of some of the most important figures in House. Rob found himself more and more..
    Rob found himself at the Tunnel every single Saturday, dancing the night away to what he felt was the best house music in the city, many would most certainly agree till this day. Each night there provided the inspiration and yearning he needed to seek out the many tracks that he loved at that time all over the cities many record shops. Shortly after Rob set out to play at some well known local spots in New York City, along with guest appearances at clubs in New Jersey… with his reputation for spinning deep, dark, hard sexy house, the crowd took to love this ever expanding sound, focusing on bringing out the very best feelings from his audience. This eventually led to Rob becoming resident Dj of Club 93 in Staten Island and Club Platinum in New Jersey, which of course provided an abundance of experience to working a crowd. As the climate changed as it always does in the NYC club scene, many of the clubs that provided such immense inspiration and great memories had closed, and Rob set out to find another spot he could call home. Experiencing various clubs at the time, such as Sound Factory and many others of that era, he finally discovered the legendary Vinyl, the new home of his favorite DJ, Danny Tenaglia, which was another milestone in club history here in NY. At about this time Rob had found himself weary of having so many ideas for his own productions, he finally set out to begin his production career. Producing tracks that contained his signature deep, dark sexy hard sound, he caught the attention of his old and great friend Marissa Garcia, who eventually signed him to Nightchild records. Now Rob in a comfortable place to explore his own sound in the studio and on the dance floor is finally ready to make his debut as a producer, and we here at Nightchild cannot wait to see the reaction his amazing music

    Selected discography

    Rob Regan-Waves of Promise(NightChild Records) Christian Scott Ft Rob Regan-Burning Sun(Slanted Black) AB & Rob Regan-What You Could Say EP(NightChild Records) Rob Regan-Love was made/Horny(Slanted Black) Rob Regan-House Calls EP(NightChild Records)