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  • Rina Is an Electronic music producer and Dj from Tel-Aviv. Dedicated to explore the boundaries and creating unique language of new electronic music.
    Rina Is Asaf Sanzer - A Musician, Producer, explorer and Dj from Tel-Aviv that is constantly expanding the boundaries of electronica by creating unique language & interpretations of electronic music. Rina’s distinctive sound signature is made of elements in Techno, New Wave, House & Electro, among other unique tools, parts and references he collects along the way. Both as solo, and as a member of the acclaimed ABRAO, a live element in the avant garde GARZEN RECORDS, Rina’s profile is constantly on the rise, as he showcases his sounds in the most interesting and unique clubs scenes across Tel-aviv & Europe , while his releases receive tremendous support from many musicians & djs that triumph the sounds around the world, as he is acknowledged as one of the new driving forces of underground dance music.

    Selected discography

    Data Dinner Ep (disachi autnno) Roboto discussion (correspondent) Peppermint bouquet (calypso records) Pianista (correspondent)