Renato Patriarca



  • Brazil finally has it‘s own Underground House Music, too! For years, the local scene has indulged in copying the great European role models. Consequently, the results were often but shadows of the original spirit, not to speak of quality or authenticit..
    Any young Brazilian interested in authentic (often coined „underground“) electronic Minimal and House Music, will instantaneously throw some well respected names at you, if asked. Names, which sound like a journey to Europe, particularly to Germany: Phonique, Booka Shade, Luciano, or Jesse Rose, to name but a few. Most of this rather well informed audience, on the other hand, won‘t be able to name a single Brazilian producer (except for Gui Boratto). Of course do they know their local DJs, and also the home-bred heros of that genre, like Anderson Noise, Mau Mau or Pareto, but when it comes to actual produc-tions, their minds go blank. But the times, they‘re changin‘! Much under the radar of the general public‘s awareness, a new genera-tion of artists has grown up in Brazil. But this fresh breed is not only new, it also finally has a distinct Brazilian (electronic) voice for the first time. Its main protagonist: Renato Patriarca. He is the man behind acts like Dubhead and, most of all, Minima, which are Brazil‘s Live-PA pioneers of choice. He is ready to strike his own market via the most potent force the electronic music circuit has to offer, namely releases on internationally acknowledged labels. His release list already encompasses Germany‘s Craft Music and Killa Beat Records, USA‘s System Recordings, or Italy‘s big name Elec-tronic Petz. But this is only the beginning, his latest release on Berlin‘s fresh Bergmann zu Fuss imprint (a musical collaboration with label owner Zuckermann) has already cashed in big-time acknowledgment by some of the industries big names du jour, among them DJ Hell‘s „Teufelswerk“ producer Mijk van Dijk, Dubfire and others, placing it next to Ame, Loco Dice, or Steve Bug. As if all that would not be enough, it seems that the man has finally achieved what only very few other Brazilian producers have even looked for yet: a genuine Brazilian House Music style. He does so without ever falling into that „Samba-House“ pitfall which has erased any interest in „authentic“ Brazilian elec-tronic music in the past. But rather by creating a tough and vibrant, yet poetic atmosphere that seems to come directly from the streets of Sao Paulo instead. A leitmotiv that we can observe in all of his produc-tions: a certain rough and hedonistic funkyness beyond the standard clichés of what people perceive as „Brazilian". A characteristic, that can also be found in the way he treats his DJ-sets, percussive, and ultimately funky. Consequently, Renato, who is a fun and very energetic personality, now ranks among the top DJs of the country. He plays clubs like D-Edge, Vegas, A Loca, Dama de Ferro, or Gloria and is also resident of Ilhabela SummerStage festival plus of his very own party series Plastik Elektronik (with Paulo Tessuto). So, his unique DJ-approach has not also thrilled audiences in London, Zurich, Dresden or Rechenzen-trum Club Berlin recently, but also made him play along acts like Hot Chip, Mike Monday, Vive la Fete, his fellow Brazilian Gui Boratto, or even the Arctic Monkeys! Therefore, his next European tour is well on its way. But, the Brazilian protagonist of the International Style we call electronic music today, won‘t stop here, after all, he is a man on a mission. And that is, to continue to give Brazil its very own voice in the only contemporary art form people can dance to.

    Selected discography

    2010 Minima - Fireworks (CDTPC005) - Tropic Records Minima - Monday Night Alien (WPS 022) - Whirlpoolsex Music Patriarca, Ianomami - Autumn - Purple Edge Records Robert Maria Wolter - Deep Morning (Patriarca remix) - Mare Records Jagermann, Zuckermann - Subtle Shift in Emphasis (Patriarca remix) - Society 3.0 Recordings 2009 Minima - Emi (Patriarca noisy remix) - Zaubermilch Records Misterya Vol.01 - Minima - Piscina (Patriarca bubbles edit) - Mister Mistery Records Patriarca, Zuckermann - When Rain Falls Remixes Part 01 - Zaubermilch Records Minima vs Alex Sander - Blue Sheers EP - Kill a Beat Records Patriarca, Rjega - Mod EP - Electronic Petz Patriarca, Zuckermann - When Rain Falls - Bergmann Zu Fuss Patriarca, Mecre - Derrete EP - Electronic Petz 2008 Minima - Synove/Haydee - System Recordings Mixtape: Autumn - CD / Digital Compilation - System Recordings DISCOnneceted - Compilation feat. Minima - System Recordings Dubhead - Chill Bits Vol.01 - Brazilian Beats - Oryx Music Get Your Flight - CD Compilation feat. Dubhead- Tropic Records Raum Playa Mix Series Vol.1 mixed by Glimpse - P-Vine Records (Japan) Minima - Fractals EP - Axum Records Lesvicon Soul - Comanchero (Minima Remix) - Bit Records Mexico Minima - Dub Cup 78 - Dub Music Contest Vol.1 - Lo Kik Records Lesvicon Soul - Comanchero (Minima Remix) - Bit Records Club Bits 5.1 - CD Compilation feat. Minima - Oryx Music 2007 Wehbba – Mary’s Army (Minima remix) – Craft Music MOB Players - NuSamba Jazz EP - Tropic Records MOB Players - feat. Lunatics & Duofel EP - Tropic Records Wehbba – Mary’s Army (Minima remix) – Elektro Club Vol.2(More Music) 2006 Los Brutos – Phat (Dubhead remix) – Tropic Records Los Brutos - Techno Is Dead - Tropic Records MOB Players - Presents - Tropic Records Minima – Seaside EP – Tropic Records Paco - Deep Wire (Los Brutos remix) - Tropic Records 2005 Minima – Breaks One (original) – Tropic Records Los Brutos - Paradise Airport EP - Tropic Records Los Brutos - Mr Nice EP- Tropic Records Los Brutos - Loo Mates EP - Tropic Records DJ Noise & Televisor – Nachtflug (Dubhead remix) – Kill a Beat Records 2003 Pimps – Too High (Minima remix) – Tropic Records