• Sandpaper for the soul.
    Relaxer is the project of Daniel Martin-McCormick, fka Ital, member of Halal & Relaxer/Ital & Halal, Mi Ami, Black Eyes, Sleeper Cell, Interplanetary Prophets, etc. Born in the Washington DC punk scene of the late 90s via NY techno etc / live performer / DJ / co-director of Sustain-Release + Climate of Fear, founder Lovers Rock Recordings / DIY for life / fuck it fuck shit up

    Selected discography

    Relaxer: Relaxer 1-5 (self released) "A Family Disease" (Laffs & Danger) "Coconut Grove" (Ave 66) Ital: "Endgame" (Planet Mu) "Dream On" (Planet Mu) "Hive Mind" (Planet Mu) "Culture Clubs" (Lovers Rock Recordings) "Ital's Theme" (100% Silk) Mi Ami: "Steal Your Face" (Thrill Jockey) "Watersports" (Touch & Go) Black Eyes: s/t (Dischord) "Cough" (Dischord)