• 東京出身 テクノを中心に都内主要クラブで活動。現在はVENTで自身のパーティーELEPHANTを主宰
    REKI is the acclaimed techno DJ with over 20 years of experience in Japanese underground club music scene. Originally started as a hip-hop DJ under the influence of fat and smoky East Coast sound, he has explored a broad range of club music including abstract, breakbeats, and drum & bass throughout his career, and his fascination with open-air rave party led him to eventually focus on the art of techno DJ. Currently, he is actively performing at major clubs in Japan and Dommune live streaming program. Dark and bass-heavy groove defines Reki’s DJ style and the story his mix tells gives emotional catharsis to audience. Reki has also been contributing to Japanese club scene as an organizer. He started his own party “Elephant” at legendary club Maniac Love. His party is now moved to Vent Tokyo and has hosted guest artists from around the world such as Conforce, Von Grall, ASC, Blawan, and Karenn.