Reade Truth



  • New York native Reade Truth has been rocking the decks since 1990. Known as a DJ’s DJ, he consistently provides dance floors with intelligent, innovative often edgy electronics always delivered with style.
    One of New York's early pioneers of techno and DJ culture, Reade Truth has been an integral part of the cities' techno history. Emerging on the scene in 1990, he has held residencies at clubs like Limelight, Building and Pyramid and plays regularly at countless underground events. Known for his meticulous DJ blends, Truth is regularly serving up irresistible mixes that range from house to techno to industrial to new beat to unexplainable. His first of over two dozen releases came out in 1994 on the Brooklyn underground acid label, Direct Drive. Since then, his productions have made many a mark on labels like Planet E, Strictly Rhythm, Sonic Groove, Instinct, Pomelo, Wurst, N-Syde, Black Market, Path Records and so on. His productions showcase an inimitable and eclectic mesh of influences, ranging all the way from Skinny Puppy to Derrick May. Known as a DJ’s DJ, he provides dance floors with intelligent, innovative and often edgy electronics delivered with style.

    Selected discography

    Reade Truth Liquid Inner Senses EP (Direct Drive Limited, Brooklyn, USA) 1994 The Lotus Project "Metaphase" (Deep and Slow Comp / Strictly Rhythm, USA) 1994 Reade Truth "Abs-Trax" (Virtual Energy Comp / Beat Box, Belgium) 1995 Reade Truth "Abs-Trax" Trance Mix (Vinyl Energy EP Comp /Virtual Records, Belgium) 1995 Reade Truth "Water Walk" (New York vs. Germany EP, Analog, USA) 1995 Fiction Life Bounce Mood EP (Cut Off / Reflection Music, UK) 1996 Reade Truth Head Art EP (Sonic Groove, NYC, USA) 1996 Reade Truth "Highs & Lows" (Define The Sonic Groove Comp / Sonic Groove, NYC, USA) 1997 Reade Truth : Fate 258 1st Quarter EP (Sonic Groove, NYC, USA) 1998 Reade Truth : Fate 258 Why 2k? EP (Path, NY, USA) 1999 Reade White "Wind" (Ambient Systems CD, Instinct, NY USA) 1999 Reade Truth "Untitled" (Technology is Not The Escape Compilation, Remains, NY, USA) 2000 Reade Truth presents: Pathfinder Compilation EP (Path, NY, USA) 2000 Reade White "Water" Ambient Systems CD, Instinct (NY, USA) 2000 Reade Truth "Untitled" (Revolution Begins With Objectives Compilation, Remains, NY, USA) 2000 Reade Truth Warpath EP (Path, NY, USA) 2000 Upsetting Keys Empathy EP (Path, NY, USA) 2001 The Lotus Project 1,1 EP (Path, NY, USA) 2001 Reade Truth Effective Weapons EP (Sonic Groove, NYC, USA) 2001 Reade Truth "Twin Memories" (Symbol of Strength Comp, Sonic Groove NYC, USA) 2001 Reade Truth "Time To Accept” (13 Year Anniversary Comp, Pomelo, Vienna, Austria) 2007 Reade Truth "The Crimen Excepta EP" (Planet E Communications, Detroit, USA) 2009 Reade Truth "Soundwav / Always" (White Label, NYC, USA) 2009 Reade Truth "Evidence" (White Label, NYC, USA) 2009 Reade Truth “Lets Go to Heaven” (The Wurst Music. Co, NYC, USA) 2010 Crimen Excepta "The Left Hand Path EP" (White Label, NYC, USA) 2010 Reade Truth & Natasha Romanova "Wonderful; Division" (White Label, NYC, USA) 2010 Reade Truth, Mobach "Planet to Planet EP" (N-Syde Music, Berlin Germany) 2014 Upsetting Keys "Empathy" (Path Records, Brooklyn USA) 2015 Fate 258 "Heaven or Hell" (Path Records, Brooklyn, USA) 2015 Reade Truth "Stares to Upstairs EP" (N-Syde Music, Berlin Germany) 2016 Fate 258 "Games With Blades" (Path Records, Frankfurt, Germany) 2017