Ramon Judah



  • Reggae and dub singer
    Ramon Judah comes from a musical tradition, his father Sugar was a star in Liverpool and was an early mentor to the Beatles. Ramon was influenced by early soundsystem culture and was singing in the dancehall at an early age. He then travelled the world singing Reggae bands from New Zealand to Chicago USA. He finally settled in London and became the host and singer to the now legendary Dub Club. He worked with everyone who was someone on the UK scene. He has sung on many sounds over the years including Jah Youth and more recently as the the main host and vocalist for the popular Reggae Roast nights. Ramon Judah has also recorded with the best UK Reggae & Dub producers in the business including: Bush Chemist, Manasseh, Disciples, Adrian Sherwood, Phillip Gad, Brigadier Jc and Vibration Lab. Be on the look out for the forthcoming Ramon Judah E.P debut COMING SOON!!!