• Presslaboys are Luigi Gori & Omar J Neri Arezzo (ITALY)
    Presslaboys are Luigi Gori & Omar J Neri. They live in Arezzo, here because they have a study immersed in green and quietness, essential requirement to compose music; even if geographically they are far away from the large musical business centres. In1996 instead, while they were in his basement during a storm, the study got flooded and they looked like homeless people holding all them instruments. Here born Presslab Records & two Years later Presslaboys Team, after various names used before. Their sounds followed a path determined by the blending of their different experiences as DJs: Luigi with electro 80', Acid House hints, old school beats, progressive & first house music, Omar, instead, more techno Detroit, First German Minimal Techno and 90’ Progressive Sound, in the past they were strongly attracted by the Eighties dark sound, in all its expressions: Cure, Depeche mode, Bauhaus, 4AD Artists, Kraftwerk, Einesturzende de Nuebaten, a real passion for committed music. All of this of course within those musical expressions that characterised all last decade trail: dance, dub, trip hop and electronics in general. In addition to their passion for music they care also of anything around it; they like minimal design, Bauhaus style, and any graphic art that looks forward. Other things that influenced them came from life events they have experienced and the need to express them and express theirselves at the same time. On 2007 After important releases in famous Labels as Crosstownrebels, SAW Recordings Baroque Records, Viva Music, Harthouse, Yellow Tail, Armada Music and remixes as important Artists they decide to compose their first Album, bring the same name of their most representative productions and sum their concept of music style “Electric Generation”. “The Presslaboys Style” recognized by the most illustrious Djs of the world, is ever composed with a electronic component, also when the electro not was so famous, infact many old releases are actually today and good for the actual music market. Never too much minimal always consistent in their roots, Presslaboys bring from this period important signals and sounds, and try to mix with more varieties of vocal expressions and style. After 2008, 2 years of hiatus, due to the organization of Big events, Presslaboys are back with a series of new productions which will not go undetected. On April 2001 come out an interesting remix on 19 Box Recordings of our Friend Hiro, big talent of Japanese scene, Connected to Eight Tracks and on June 2011 will release a new version of Innocent in two Version with a Magnificent voice of Lisa Shaw, Jeff Bennett’s remix of Reconz on Regular, Remix on Wind Horse Records, Indian new House-Deep House Label. Other great Works coming out from Presslab Studio Soon.

    Selected discography

    Presslaboys productions: Selected work e.p. (Presslab Records) 1998, Elettronic Contest e.p. (Presslab Records) 1998, Milk Plus vs Erin Mora (Presslab Records) 1998, Friends of music Animos vina(Presslab Records) 2000, Taste my body (Presslab Records) 2001, If I No (Deep Perfect) 2001, You know that I know (Loud Beat) 2001, Tribalgina (Deep Perfect) 2001, Fuck of piece of shit (No Label) 2001, Love in MB (Presslab LTD) 2001, Ten e.p. (Presslab Records) 2002, I’ll never lick their us (Stella Rec.) 2002, Elettronicize EP Part 1 (380W/Eighteens) 2002 (Stella rec.), Part 2 (Morphouse/Peace X Children Feat. Christine Johnson) 2002(Stella rec.), Part 3 (Jam1/Jam2) 2002 (Stella rec.), Electric Generation 2002 (City Rockers/Crosstownrebels), Eklettik House 2002 (Presslab rec.), Skyscrapers EP 2003 (Presslab Rec), Cos U No 2003 (Fire Music), Get Off My Dick 2003 (Presences rec), Now Come To Me 2003 (Presences rec) EFX European Fusion Xperience 2003 (Saw Recordings), Moonlight 2004 (Revox) Funkash 2004 (Plastic Fantastic) Electrobeats/Automa 2.0 2004 (Baroque) 6900 Collins Avenue 2005 (Machine Gun Ibiza/Direct Vinyl London) Degatyu 2005 (It Still Music) Ionizer 2005 (Sentient Records) Boys Don’t Smile 2005 (Red Ant Recordings) Existing in the System 2006 (Metempsicosi Music) Left & Right 2006 (Presslaboys Digital) Boyzgirl 2007 (Red Ant Recordings) All Now 2007 (Blue Bass Records) Channel Two 2007 (Blue Bass Records) Harshouse EP 2007 (Presslaboys Digital) Warped EP 2007 (Viva Music) First Immagination EP 2007 (Polar Noise) Presslaboys & Romano Alfieri – Sudomagodo/Electric Shock (Polar Noise) 2007 Presslaboys Vs. Emanuel Paglicci – Bringing Down Feat. Samantha Woodzi 2007(Gardenia Records) In The Mood EP 2007 (Illegal Ninja Moves) 1000 Thoughts 2007 (Viva Music) Trombatores 2007 (Audiotherapy Recordings) Runner Monkeys/Snobshit 2007(Yellow Tail) Audioglow 2007 (Harthouse) Groovalina/Monomano/Pus Inside 2007 (Blue Bass) Re-Mind/Sedicieventinove/Ultimate 2007 (Audiotherapy) I’m Stressed 2008 (Angry Monkey) Unkind EP Vol. 2 2008 (Presslaboys Digital) Hot Dog/Corkscrew 2008 (Malatoid) Alito Pesante 2008 (Rawthentic) Springtime EP 2008 (Regular Digital) Chefava 2008 (Quantized Music) Happy White 2008 (Rawthentic Music) Pollo Arrosto 2008 (Nuhar Records) Unnopiuvoglia 2008 (Slanted House) Gigitech 2009 (State Recordings) Che Sudata 2009 (Suck Records) Opako 2009 (Aciitone) Metemorphosi 2009 (Bluebass) Sound Decoder Studio 2009 (Bluebass) Nervous Orig & Prog Mix 2009 (Flatbelly Records) Spacca Gnicosa 2009 (Flatbelly Records) Teak House 2009 (Flatbelly Records) Trippa e Fagioli 2009 (Flatbelly Records) Alti e Bassi 2009 (Illegal Ninja Moves) Runnerhead 2009 (Angry Monkey) Incomplete 2009 (Kindred Sound) Penne all'Arrabbiata 2009(Kindred Sound) Tuscany Wine 2009 (Carica Records) Don’t LoveU (Airplane) Amnesias/ Sturdix 2009 (Audiotherapy) Bho 2009 (Bloodsugar) Eccheccazz 2009 (Bloodsugar) Pero Melo Dimmi il Vero 2009 (Monad) Otteddieci 2009 (Subsonic) Tekenisi 2009 (Subsonic) A.F.A 2010 (Rococo) Gigiprog 2010 (Wolkenfunk) Broken Ass 2010 (Presslab Records/Plusquam) Ma Si Dai 2010 (Presslab Records/Plusquam) Housejazzarolasax 2011 Progrezo Music) Remixes: A.S.L.E – Reveletion revolution rmx (Ovenready/Presslab Rec) 2001 Moody Mas Feat. Sharon Mai Lyn – Presslaboys Dub & Cafe’ Rmxs (Presslab Records) 2001, Presslaboys – Taste my Body Half Dub & Break my Body Rmxs (Presslab Records) 2002, Punp up the Volume Presslaboys reminescence rmx (Cult Records) 2001, Dj Hung – It Feels so good Presslaboys electro 80’ rmx (Presslab Records) 2002, Tantamanna – Soul Food Presslaboys at 8 a.m (Presslab Records) 2002, Twelve – Identity Presslaboys rmx (Presslab Records) 2002, Tantamanna – Revelation Presslaboys Rmx (Presslab Records) 2002, Relax Frankie Goes to Holliwood rmx ( Warner Bros.), Twelve – Atlantic Presslaboys rmx (Presslab Rec) 2003, Francesco Farfa – Kings of Dirty Gold Presslaboys rmx (Serial Killer Vynil) 2003, Philter Feat. Neresa Maye – Ultimate Presslaboys Remix (Kinky Vinyl) 2004, Parallel – Flick It (Sound Division/Presslab Rec) 2004. Rockets – One Day Presslaboys rmx (J.T.Company) 2004 Eclipse – For Your Love Presslaboys Rmx (Ocean Trax) 2004 Neverdogs – Moltobeat Presslaboys Rmx (Presslab Records) 2005 Masta Prod & Paolo Driver – Saturn Presslaboys Rmx (Presslab Records) 2005 J-Punch – Red Blood Presslaboys rmx(Ovanredy Prod.) 2005 Vorontzov – Say Breathe! Presslaboys rmx (Cuba Recordings) 2005 Asle – Flash you Presslaboys Rmx ( Cuba Recordings) 2005 Overclockers – God’s Unkle Presslaboys Remix (Precint Recordings) 2005 Bloodtype Diesel – Urban Machine Presslaboys Remix (Shellsplinta Records) 2005 Wave Lab - Exceptional Presslaboys vocal (Intra Records) 2005 Moonbeam - When People Turn into Beasts (Flow Records) 2005 Vorontsov & Dhorosov – Malta Presslaboys rmx (Koalition Records) 2006 Austin Leeds & Renè Amesz – Tweek Rockers Presslaboys Remix (Hamachi Recordings) 2006 Jay Kaufmann – Fade to Blake Presslaboys Remix (Wi-Fi Recordings) 2007 Emjae & Jerome Robins - Donkey Punch Presslaboys Mix (Release Records) 2007 Island 9 - Moody Presslaboys Remix (Commonwealth Recordings) 2007 Pete Bones – Feel Her Up Presslaboys Remix (Red Ant Recordings) 2007 Basek & Polar - Hand Held Mandy Presslaboys Remix (Kindred Sounds) 2007 Kaskade – Be There Presslaboys Remix (Jamaika Records) 2007 Paolo Driver – Mayo Presslaboys Remix (Presslab Records)2007 Basek and_Polar – Hand Held Mandy Presslaboys RMX (Illegal Ninja Tunes) 2007 Mario Zar & Marco Berto – Saultnskin Presslaboys Remix (Yellow Tails) 2007 The Group Dynamic – Danish Connection Presslaboys Remix 2007 Mashtronic – Past Days Presslaboys Remix (Mashtronic Music) 2007 Elusive – Tulip Khan Presslaboys Remix (Presslab Records) 2007 Frost – 35 Beat Presslaboys Remix 2007 Mario Zar & Marco Berto – Infrared (Viva Music) 2007 Mogi – Branco Kochica Presslaboys Remix (Wolkenfunk) 2007 Fedakki – Happy Presslaboys Remix 2007 (Sound Division) Eddie Thoneick pres. Female Djs feat. Chelonis R Jones – If Only 2007 (Opaque Music) Elegant Universe - Positive Thinking Presslaboys Remix 2007 (Flow Vinyl) Jeff Bennet – Carbon Coat Presslaboys Remix 2007 (Kung Fu Recordings) The 4 in Hands – Saturday Presslaboys Remix 2007 (Opaque Music) D-Ko - Tribal Gathering Presslaboys Remix 2008 (Illegal Ninja Tunes) TC Maniak – Le Ultra Fresh Presslaboys Remix 2008 (Presslab Limited) Panty Hoes – Tulip Khan Presslaboys Remix 2008 (Presslab Records) D-Pen – Moroi Presslaboys Remix 2008 (Presslab Records) Astronivo – Nature of Destiny Presslaboys Remix 2008 (Echoplastic) Luigi Gori aka Presslaboys – Audiolesbo 2008 (Presslaboys Digital) Luigi Gori aka Presslaboys – Cold Shower 2008 (Presslaboys Digital) Ricky Stone & Mikael Jonasson – Cantones Woman Presslaboys Remix 2008 (Flatbelly) Meat Katie – Needles Pins Stems Presslaboys Remix 2009 (Lot 49) LeRon, Yves Eaux & Luke Star - Raar Maar Waar Presslaboys Remix 2009 (Illegal Ninja Tunes) FM Radio Gods - Circuitschild Presslaboys Remix 2009 (Tribal Vision) Fusion F & Come T – Superb Fly Presslaboys Remix 2010 (Baroque Records) Timo Garcia – Blackout Presslaboys Remix 2010 (Nervous Records) Elusive - Hogni Presslaboys Remix 2010 Rodrigo Carreira & Rolldabeetz – The Player Presslaboys Remix 2010 (Synk Records) Hot Station - Do The Right Thing Presslab music Remix 2011 (19box Recordings) Q-Burns - Abstract Message Innocent Presslaboys & Giunluca Peruzzi Delinquent Remix 2001 (8TH Tracks) Jeff Bennet – Reconz Presslaboys Remix (Regular) Hamza Feat. Yungchen Lhamo Rising Presslaboys & Giunluca Peruzzi Remix 2011 (Wind Horse Records) Compilation: Circoloco compilation 2004 mixed by Tania Vulcano & Fabrizio (Southern Fried) Undulation mixed by Satoshi Tomiie & Hector Romero (SAW Recordings) In Session mixed by Andy Moore (Baroque records) Electroculture compilation Vol.1 (Presslab Records) Stella records Compilation Vol. 1 Mixed by Omar J. (Stella records) Elettrowave compilation for India Mixed da Ralf Light Out Vol. 3 compilation mixed by Steve Lawler (Global Underground) Matthew Dekay Compilation (Armada Music) Back To Back Session Mixed by G-Pal & Anne Marie X (Swift recordings) Crosstown Rebels Vol.1 Mixed by Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels Records) Revox Tunes unmixed cd (Revox Records) City Life Presslab Side Mixed By Presslaboys (Seamless Recordings) Therapy Session 4 Mixed By Dave Seaman (Audiotherapy Recordings) Harthouse V.A Compilation (Daredo Music) Audiotherapy Digital Compilation Mixed By Pressslaboys (Audiotherapy Recordings) La Terrazza Compilation Mixed By Anderson Noise & Sergio Patricio (Circle) Pressence Compilation of Presslab Records (Plusquam)