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  • Prequel Tapes is a work of deep synthesis. Teenage recordings orchestrated into densely layered tapestries; a deeply emotional study on a life characterised by a shifting relationship to electronics.
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    • Sat, 21 Nov 2020

      Common - Immersive Premiere

      Hieroglyphic Being, Intergalactic Gary, PEEV, Djoser, Julianna, Kasey Riot, Sky Deep, Paàl, Muon, Jett Chandon, Panch, G.rizo, Jean-Philippe, Prequel Tapes, Pasiphae, Drew McDowall, KMRU, Chooc Ly, Marylou, Maracuya, Sorcery, Aldeen, Midori Hirano, Tim Reaper, [MONRHEA]
      COMMON, a virtual events venue for grassroots music communities, presents 12 hours of nerdy techno, electro and experimental, with music from Drew McDowall + Florence To, KMRU and the excellent Midnight Shift label.

    RA Pick

    RA Pick
    • Fri, 11 Oct 2019

      No Bounds Festival 2019

      Juan Atkins, Deadbeat, The Black Dog, Zed Bias, DJ Q, D-Bridge, rRoxymore, Cardiac, Mensah, Mark Fell, DJ Flight, Lo Shea, Andrea, Lee Gamble, The Blessed Madonna, Phatworld, Aurora Halal, Gábor Lázár, Winston Hazel, Zuli, Courtesy, JASSS, Solid Blake, CEM, Ziúr, Lanark Artefax, Manton, SPFDJ, TSVI, Ellen Arkbro, CCL, Ifeoluwa, Nkisi, Caterina Barbieri, Shannen SP, Yak, Sote, Prequel Tapes, Graham Dunning, 96 Back, Okkyung Lee, Rian Treanor, LSDXOXO, SHYGIRL, Kudan, Clara!, Stevie Cox, Joe Muggs, CaTy, Dr Cryptic, Mark (DE), Broken FM, Charla Green
      No Bounds is one of the UK's most exciting festivals. See what's in store for its third year.