• endless summer... swimming, diving, floating, smoking weed, meatball subs, rafts, skateboarding, tanning, hot-tubbing and the occasional night club.
    "Two paradise-loving DJs created Pools to make music that will take you back to the glory days of lounging in the sun with not a care in the world besides what your next drink will be." -Gotta Dance Dirty "This shit is amazing. The sound is so LA: airy, funky, and inventive drums. Just take a listen and you'll understand. Highly recommended." -Turntable Lab "POOLS truly bring forth a great symbiotic relationship; the notable combination of their efforts and knowledge comes across boldly and presents itself in well-orchestrated musical adventures. Their music will continue on promoting the eternal summer" -Media Contender

    Selected discography

    Innertubes / Razor N Tape Reserve / 2015 Pools E.P. 1 ‎/ Spills / 2011 Pools E.P. 2 ‎/ Spills / 2011 Dart Larfuncle / Sex Panda White / 2016