Pipo Vitch





  • Discovering electronic music in the mid 90's, Pipo started to play with the decks really early. He then has been more attracted by the deep side of house music and collected the virus of the mix, which led him further on his musical adventures.
    Booking information[email protected]

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Past events

    • Fri, 13 Oct 2017

      Brussels Electronic Marathon 2017

      Fennesz, Pipo Vitch, Kid Strike, Geoff Wichmann, Phonetics, Max le Daron, Sushiflow, O.D.Math, Felix Cage, Lemakuhlar, Souldust, Laurens, Nathan Oye, Issa Maïga, Deejames, Seb Legrand, Epitome, Marco Gayo, Lillevan, B-Have, Joey Payne, Jerome.C, MPathy, Pilose, Rafael Munoz, Shades, Swimlanes, Latence, SP-X, Max Abysmal, Jickow, Icon template, Border One, Wilmot, lunar convoy, Pattrn, Atone, Rick Shiver, Amare, G.xist, Izabel, Deeligent Soul, Reiter, Jorg Bergsen, Groove Principality, Chantal, Phara, Phuong Dan, Bétøn, Bigasti, Lee Roy, Kafim, Sparkling Bits, Beatsforbeaches, Polarized, DJ Pone, Gan Gah, Max Telaer, Deg, Ground Tactics, Hawkan, Natv:Men, Hesh, Nidrev, Bear Bones, Lay Low, Qwasa Qwasa, Sixsixsixties, N-Gon, Mental Forces, Pablo Hūron, Neila, s:tone, Lemaire
      TBA - Brussels