• After moving to Berlin in the mid 90’s, Michael Vater a.k.a Phonique was on the go like few others in Berlin. His successful parties and club nights got much love and paved him the way to become one of the nice guys in Berlin’s nightlife. First he only..
    After moving to Berlin in the mid 90’s, Michael Vater a.k.a Phonique was on the go like few others in Berlin. His successful parties and club nights got much love and paved him the way to become one of the nice guys in Berlin’s nightlife. First he only organized parties, after a while he started to DJ himself: "DJ Phonqiue" was born. Since January ‘98, Phonique continued to bring previously lesser known DJs and producers to Berlin for his club nights and parties, presenting many strong nights with DJs like Glen Gunner (Street Corner Symphony/Block 16), Lil Tony (Nu Spirit Helsinki/Guidance), Alexkid (F-Com/Ovum), Llorca (F-Com/Brique Rouge), Joakim (Tigersushi) or Ivan Smagghe (Blackstrobe/Volga Select). In the meantime, Phonique continued to develop his "freestyle" profile. His guests were treated to a splendid mix from Hip-Hop via Breakbeats to Old School and Drum‘n’Bass. Just about anything was possible in between, as long as the tracks had the necessary "type of groove". He invited DJs like LTJ Bukem, Richard Dorfmeister and many more. Traveling the world and playing clubs in Sao Paulo, Helsinki, Paris, London, Marseille, Vienna, Brussels, San Francisco, Prague, Tel Aviv, just to name a few destinations, Phonique never forgot his Berlin base. Just like his residencies at Tresor and Pfefferbank (among others), where he brought his ‘Club Paris’ evening to life, with guests like Pepe Bradock, DJ Deep, Jori Hulkkonen and I:Cube. From time to time Phonique, together with his partner Kiki, presented their QuadroPhoniquekikz’ on four turntables, eventually releasing their first ‘QuadroPhoniquekikz’ mix-CD in 2002 on Komfort Musik. His first two 12" were released on Martin Landsky’s Intim Recordings, and from then on Phonique released on labels like Komfort Musik (Berlin), Seasons (USA), Brique Rouge (Paris) and Crosstown Rebels (London), but mainly on Steve Bug’s own Poker Flat and Dessous. His first remix (for Doctorolive) was released on French label Bazoline. After remixes for Frankman (Draft/Fm), Soulcamp (Soulcamp), Le Tone (Naive), Funky Transport (Brique Rouge), Tonic Agents (Highgrade), Detroit Grand Pubahs (Poker Flat) and Erlend Oye (!K7) he even remixed Germany’s pop phenomena "Rosenstolz". Besides Phonique’s remixing talents and DJing with vinyl and CDs, he also started to edit tracks so they made more sense for his DJ-sets. When Jazzanova found out about this, they asked him to do some for their own use. So Phonique worked out some edits, partly with his buddy Dixon. Edits for Georg Levin and DJ Spinna, remixes for Georg Levin and Sirius Mo even got released on Jazzanova’s Sonar Kollektiv label. 2004 then was a very successful year for Phonique. His second 12" on Dessous "The Red Dress" climbed on top of the official German Club Charts (DCC), "The Red Dress" became one of the hottest tracks being played by almost every key DJ in Europe. He worked on Erlend Oye’s incredibly successful DJ-Kicks (!K7) in technicals, mixing and consulting and actually played several tour dates with Erlend all across Europe. In Autumn 2004 then his debut album "Identification" for Dessous was released, featuring collaborations with Paris The Black Fu, Erlend Oye, Alexander East (Minneapolis), Ian Whitelaw (Glasgow) and Dixon (Sonar Kollektiv). With amazing international feedback, even a number one chart entry on Itunes’ dance download charts it turned out to be Phonique’s breakthrough success. Massive Video play on German MTV’s renowned "Spin" and on Viva Plus of "For The Time Being" with Erlend Oye took his popularity to another level. The 12" release "99 & a half" feat. Alexander East featured one of the best I:Cube remixes in recent days and went to become a club hit immediately. The album track "You, That I'm With" feat. Ian Whitelaw was licensed to South Africa even pre-release, where Ian Whitelaw’s last track (with Alexkid ) had also been the club hit of 2003/4. Also the single "For The Time Being" with remixes by Alexkid and Motorcity Soul received massive positive feedback, followed by a remix by Sasse (Moodmusic), even leading to a future collaboration with Rodney Hunter (G-Stone) as they found out that their creativity combined would go beyond the framework of a remix and demanded proper recognition, as on a track for the next album. Even for Sven Väth "Identification" was a highlight, thus he asked Phonique for an exclusive track for "Cocoon Compilation E". With the closing of Tresor in 2005 Phonique lost one of his favorite residencies, playing the Bonito House Club once a month. Since his very first Tresor Wednesday night gig of February ‘99, he was fired up about the 600-1400 people crowd that would not stop dancing up until late Thursday morning…. Since Berlin’s nightlife is subject to rapid change, Phonique’s residences change alike. Currently you can meet him mainly at Weekend, F.U.N. Crew’s incredible venue with a view over all of downtown Berlin at Alexanderplatz. Their second compilation on Fine/ Four Music will be supported by Phonique’s track ‘’Bee". Even though release is not expected before early 2006, the track already gets massive support by colleagues like Trevor Jackson (Output) and M.A.N.D.Y (Get Physical). Recently Phonique asserted his recognition as one of the high profile remixing artists in the dance world, letting Morcheeba’s former vocalist benefit from his talents on a remix of her upcoming solo project "Skye" (Atlantic/ Warner). Phonique mostly works with Alex Krüger (Dub Taylor / Korsakow / Tigerskin) for his productions/remixes, but from time to time he is cooperating with other artists or musicians like Steve Bug, David Duriez & Phil Weeks, Martin Landsky or Meitz. Already being recognized internationally as one of the leading forces behind deep and forward thinking club music and commercial productions alike, this one will take it to the next level.

    Selected discography

    On Intim (DE): Phonique "So Close To Me" Intim 007 (First Phonique Release Ever!) 2001 Phonique "Deep Rhodes" Intim 010 Incl. Remixes By M:Landsky & Soul Camp 2002 On Seasons Limited (California-USA): Phonique "Monster" Seasons Limited 010 2002 Phonique "Pascal" Seasons Limited 011 The Pascal & Mr. Day Remixes 2002 On Brique Rouge/B. R. Traxx (FR): Phonique "Misch Masch EP" Brique Rouge 033 2003 Phonique & Tigerskin "Acid Again" B. R. Traxx 015 2004 Various Artists EP Feat. Phonique "Mexico" Secret Gems From Da Vault 6 2004 On Komfort Musik (DE): Phonique "Jazzy Vibe" Komfort 004 Feat. Meitz Remix 2003 On Dessous (DE): Phonique "Fake It" Des40 Incl. Frankman Remix 2003 Phonique Feat. Die Elfen "The Red Dress" Des44 Incl. Tiefschwarz Remix 2004 Various Artists LP Feat. Phonique "Move Ya" Erotic Moments In House 3 2004 Phonique "X-Attack" Des47 2004 Phonique "Identification" CD/2x12" Deslp09/Descd09 2004 Phonique Feat. Alexander East "99 & A Half" Des49 Incl. I:Cube Remix 2005 Tracks And The City (Aka Phonique & Tigerskin) Feat. Cassy "I’ll Be There" Des50 2005 Phonique Feat. Erlend Oye "For The Time Being" Des52 Incl. Alexkid/C-Rock Remixes 2005 Phonique "Weapon EP" Des54 2005 Phonique "Lizard" Des58 2005 On Poker Flat (DE): Phonique "Beat’n’Greet" Pfr32 2003 Phonique & The Usual Suspects (Duriez/Weeks) "Suspicious EP" Pfr46 2004 Various Artists LP Feat. Phonique "There It Is" Pfrlp10 2004 On Crosstownrebels (UK): Phonique "Where The Party’s At" Crosstownrebels 007 Feat. Freestyle Man Remix 2004 On Loungin’ (UK): Phonique Feat. Meitz "Still Dancin’" Loungin’ 005 Feat. Max Fresh Remix 2004 On Fine (DE): Various Artists LP Feat. Phonique " F.U.N. Compilation 2" 2006 On Cocoon (DE): Various Artists LP Feat. Phonique "Getting Closer" Compilation E 2005 On Moodmusic (DE): Phonique "Gaga" Feat. Tim Paris Remix 2005 Lucy Lee (BE): Phonique "The Night EP" Lucy Lee 002 2005 Playout (BE): Various Artists EP Feat. Phonique "Clo