Philipp Straub



  • A leading head of electronic music and a successful Dj & producer since more than 27 years.
    CEO of Titan International Partner & Director of Analog-A Central Europe Music Director of Soho Garden DXB & Soho Beach DXB Head Mentor Burn Residency & Consultant Burn Energy CEO of Titan International, heavyweight dance music mafiosi Philipp Straub founded his company to facilitate the progression of electronic music. A deeply passionate DJ and producer, he is also a leading figurehead of many international projects! Philipp’s 26-year long career working as a DJ and producer has helped inform his 3D understanding of what it takes to make crowds have a dangerously great time on the dance-floor. Titan is counted as one of the leading agencies of its kind in central Europe and beyond. Mainly because of the innovative creative strategies Philipp applies to industry clients, approaching good times as if they were a currency requiring investment and careful consideration, he is a true stalwart of club music. Laterally minded, the Titan Trojan counts endorsement deals with well known multi million pound companies,. Intuitively gifted, Philipp can identify talent-translating ammeter to excellence with intelligent guidance and dedicated creative investment. He is the man with a Midas ability to establish burgeoning brilliance. Don´t miss the chance to hear him play!

    Selected discography

    Bedrock, Ovum, Knee Deep In Sound, 8bit, Ovum, Intec, Deeperfect, Time has changed, Yoshitoshi, MBF ltd., MB Elektronics, Music Man, CLR, Hell Yeah, Mutekki, Circle, Primate, Primevil, Rotation, Bush, Audiotherapy, PS, Titanium, Supreme Entertainment, Frisbee, Recycled Loops, ... More on: