Peter Van Hoesen



  • Not your typical techno artist
    Belgium’s Peter Van Hoesen is considered as one of techno’s tastemakers but never has been that typical techno artist. Peter is someone who sculpts sounds for many different environments - the club, the home, the gallery or even the museum. He does so with a true sense of personality. On his own label Time to Express he releases textural compositions and he also records to great acclaim as Sendai alongside Yves De Mey. In performance terms, Peter lays down dark and arresting techno sets as well as captivating, story telling live musical journeys. Because of that he is renowned around the world for his high quality, high creativity, high levels of consistency, constantly translating his personality into his music.

    Selected discography

    Uncovered Vol. 1-3, Time To Express Kelly Criterion, Center 91 Opal Balance, Center 91 Nine at the Beginning, Time To Express Quadra EP, Dekmantel UFO Stealth 3/3, Time To Express Stealth, Time To Express (Mixed compilation) Seventy Secrets, Time To Express Call & Response EP, Time To Express Outlands, Curle Life Performance, Tresor (Album) Perceiver, Time To Express (Album) Transitional State, Time To Express Irrational X, Exone (digital) Entropic City, Time To Express (Album) Entropic Minus Six, Time To Express Variable Parts EP, Time To Express Face Of Smoke/Continued Care, Komisch Past Revisited EP, Morse Attribute One EP, Time To Express Empire In Decline/Third Piece, Time To Express Casual Care, Time To Express Trusted EP, Time To Express L.O.C., Lan Muzic Increments EP, Lan Muzic With Sendai: Geotope, Time To Express (Album) Selected remixes: Tobias: Cursor Item Only Austra: Painful Like Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii: Gosa Motor ft. Douglas McCarthy: The Knife Mount Kimbie: Carbonated Ed Rush & Optical: Defect Kevin Gorman: Cyclic Donato Dozzy & Cio D'Or: Menta Sendai: System Policy Sendai: Sustaining The Chain As Object: Wary Observer EP, Foton Remote Review EP, Foton Release the Object, Foton As Bent Object: In Human Format, Foton (DVD) As Vanno: The language U need, Sound of Habib Holding On, Backroom Records As RM: 1025, Foton