Pedro Vian



  • A renowned producer from the Barcelona scene, currently based in Amstedam. Pedro Vian has taken a significant step forward in his career with the creation of Modern Obscure Music. From this platform he is able to shape his vision of today’s electronica.
    Spanish producer Pedro Vian is dreaming of the sea on “Ibillorca”, his third studio album. Vian, whose Modern Obscure Music label is at the heart of the Barcelona electronic scene, moved to Amsterdam in 2018. While the Dutch capital has embraced this inventive producer and DJ, Vian says the new album is inspired by a feelings of absence and longing for his Mediterranean home. “On this album I explore my feelings of missing the light,” he says. “Ibillorca is a journey to a utopian island, a journey to a new state of mind.” You can hear this displaced utopia on songs like “Can Mortera”, a dreamy reflection on house music, recorded in Ibiza in summer 2019, that brings to mind Larry Heard at his most meditative; or “Medusa” (featuring artist Rosalie Wammes), which sounds like Tangerine Dream drifting over the sea. The Quietus called Pedro Vian’s debut album “Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories” “the soundtrack to walking around the city at night”, while his eponymous second album was both deeply personal and more suited for the dance floor. “Ibillorca” is his Mediterranean album. “I love the Mediterranean sea,” Vian explains. “I come from there and I miss the light, the sun and the smell of the sea... releases April 30, 2020

    Selected discography

    Pedro Vian - Black Toms EP Pedro Vian - Dancing Hindus EP (Madteo & Hieroglyohic Being Remixes) Modern Obscure Music 001 Aster - Cielo EP (including Bicep remixes) 12" & Digital (Hivern Discs) Aster - Nuevo Dia EP (including Dexter & Benjamin Damage remixes) 12" (Struments) FORTHCOMING 2013 Aster - Danza EP (including Ital remix) 12" & Digital (Hivern Discs) 2012 Aster - Tormenta del Desierto EP (Mathematics Recordings) 2011 Aster - Oide (track included at Hivern Jacking Tapes Vol. 1) (Hivern Discs) 2012 Aster - Tormenta del Desierte (track included at Nit d'HIvern Vol. 1 7") (Hivern Discs) 2011 Aster - Neon (track included at Hivern a l'Estiu Vol. 2) (Hivern Discs) 2011