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  • Rising artist Pascal Roeder has been asserting himself with passion on the techno scene since 2009. Cradled by diverse influences from funk to hip hop via rock'n roll and reggae, he offers to his audiences a universe which is clearly his very own. Pa..
    Rising artist Pascal Roeder has been asserting himself with passion on the techno scene since 2009. Cradled by diverse influences from funk to hip hop via rock'n roll and reggae, he offers to his audiences a universe which is clearly his very own. Pascal Roeder has ended up by abandoning the classical instruments of his early youth in favour of turntables and definitively eventually to machines. Accomplished composer, his music exudes from his soul. He masters his musical creativity, leaving no limit to his originality. His style is appealing, so much so that his personal touch is requested by many remixes. Having debuted in Lyon, Pascal Roeder is launching out on the Net and his Live performances are propulsing him in front of the public. He signed his first title with Italo Business, however, today, the labels associated to the Roeder universe are uncountable: Globox, Capsula,069 Techno, Amazone, Définition, Elektrotribe records…. He has now acquired international notoriety. From one engagement to another, while remaining faithful to his individuality, he is obtaining public recognition, but above all, professional recognition (Alex Bau, Sasha Carassi, Stephane Signore, DandieUgo, Brian Sanhaji, Cristian Varela, Subfractal…) After the French scene, the Berliner scene and projects for going beyond European borders, Pascal Roeder has the firm intention to share his music and, at the same time, work with those who have confidence in him. Which is why, today, his heart is turning towards the "underground" capital : Berlin….

    Selected discography

    - N.O (Original mix) _ V.A Fireworks vol 4 [ITADI088] by Italo Business - Endless Summer EP [TRACDIG016] by Tracer Records - Behind the Wall EP [ALNR002] by Alinea Records - Race Krispies (Original mix) _ V.A From the box 09 [AENR-CD002] by Aenaria Recordings - Snow White EP [TKM002] by TechnoMafia Records - Tromba EP |TKM007] incl Andres Gil, Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl, Arthur Labér rmx by TechnoMafia Records - Boshmain _ Maxitronica (Pascal Roeder's rmx) [TKM008] by TechnoMafia Records - Bitches _ Leke Da Loco (Pascal Roeder's rmx) [PAD-007] by Polished Audio - Final Crash EP [TKM020] incl Dima Gafner, Denied, Skymate, Daymon rmx by TechnoMafia Records - Patchwork EP [VER034] by Plusquam Division - Kukabolika EP [TKM028] incl Alexander Fog, Andres Gil, Denied, Ego Valente, Maxitronica rmx by TechnoMafia Records - Kom from school_ Bloodie (Pascal Roeder rmx 01 & 02) [XPMCOMP08] by Xportmusic - Kom from school_ Bloodie (Pascal Roeder rmx 01) [XPMCOMP10] by Xportmusic - Kom from school_ Bloodie (Pascal Roeder rmx 02) [XPMCOMP104] by Xportmusic - Waiting for the rain (Original mix)_ Skull Invaders 1.0 [UND039] by Underscore Recordings - Euphoria _ Cust (Pascal Roeder's rmx) [PURE003] by Pulp Records (FREE DOWNLOAD) - Taxes Countries EP [GLOBOXDIGI026] by Globox Recordings - Ich Bin EP [CAPSULADIGI025] by Capsula Recordings - Polémik EP [KKD002] incl Pedro Bucarelli rmx by KlangKultur Schallplatten - The guy from Cerdanyola_ Wavesonik (Pascal Roeder rmx) [ESR007] by Elektro System records - Diep Blauw_ Con clase cubana (Pascal Roeder rmx) [TBR101] by Trebol Records - The Graal (Original mix) [XPMCOMP0094] by Xportmusic - Jules & Moss_ Fat uncle (Pascal Roeder rmx) [EKT000063] by Elektrotribe Records - Mandala_ Bibendum Circus (Pascal Roeder rmx) [DV020] by Division Virtuel - Gabryel Casse_ Sideeq (Pascal Roeder remix) [RFX033] by Refluxed Records - Acid Soda & Pascal Roeder_ Lexomil (Original mix) [AMAZONE37] by Amazone Records - Sync Therapy_ Apple Juice (Pascal Roeder rmx) [YK016] by Yuko Record - Tanzwiese_ V.A Volume Three incl "Bitches_ Leke Da Loco (Pascal Roeder remix) by Budenzauber - Illuminati EP [XPMALBUM012EP01] incl Leghau, Osh, Acid Soda, Wavesonik rmx by Xportmusic - Pepe Arcade_ Looptres (Pascal Roeder remix) [LCR013] by LCR Records - Krypton EP [069TECHNO6] by 069techno - Buried EP [KR024] by Kontrol Records - VA - One year of Kontrol Records [KR025] by Kontrol Records - Narcostouf EP [LCR024] by LCR Records - She said EP [NB016] incl Liss Casaro and Nicolas Bacher rmx - NB Records - Part of me EP [WHR080] - Turning Wheel Records - You know me EP [KR041] by Kontrol Records - Vinc Astorino_ Fresh Spring Scent (Pascal Roeder Roeder rmx) [KR044] - Kontrol Records - Pascal Roeder & Jonathann Cast_ Analog EP [WHR089] - Turning Wheel Records - Tomo Hachiga_ Tram (Pascal Roeder remix) [BPM015] - Black Pearl Music - Tomo Hachiga_ Siva (Pascal Roeder remix) [LCR026] - LCR Records - Pascal Roeder_ Good Time (Original mix) [LCR027] - LCR Records - Marco P_ Reflection (Pascal Roeder & Jonathann Cast remix) [TWR100] - Turning Wheel Records - Pascal Roeder_ Total Bloom (Original mix) [RTCOMP155] - Recovery Tech - Pascal Roeder_ Black Room (Original mix) [RTCOMP167] - Recovery Tech - Dolby D_ World crazy (Pascal Roeder remix) [PH040] - Phântom Records - Dereck Pitral & Liss C_ Depht Survival (Pascal Roeder remix) [ELEK169] - Elektrax Music - Timakz_ Feedback (Pascal Roeder remix) [DPR012] - Death proof Recording - Marc Henry_ Neurotronik (Pascal Roeder remix) [ALNR005] - Alinéa Records - Mowree_ The Drone (Pascal Roeder remix) [EPDM06] - EP Digital Music - Pascal Roeder & Dolby D_ Numeric EP incl Elbodrop rmx [LCR037] - LCR Records - Elyptik Trevors_ Weapon Trafficking (Pascal Roeder remix) [110014] - Impulsif Records - Stéphane Signore_ Murder (Pascal Roeder remix) [DEFD2040] - Définition Records - Dolby D_ Dynamite Banzaî (Pascal Roeder remix) [THR052] - That's Hot Records - Anton X_ Cat on The Highway (Pascal Roeder remix) [BLV442553] - Impulsif Records - Pascal Roeder_ 2 C-B (Original mix) [HSRVA001] - Heavy Snatch Records - VA - Two Years Of Kontrol Records [KRO57] - Kontrol Records - Proxy EP - Globox [GLOBOXD044] - Globox - Pascal Roeder_ Martyrs (Original mix) [DKT003] // Techno Unites - De-Konstrukt - VA - Warehouse Anthems: Techno Vol 2 [LWWAT02] - LW Recordings - Calm Chor_ Lemon Haze (Pascal Roeder remix) [EKT000073] - Elektrotribe Records - - VA - One Year Of Heavy Snatch Records [ HSRVA002] - Heavy Snatch Records - Pascal Roeder_ Airplane (Orignal mix) [EKT000074] - Elektrotribe Records - Pascal Roeder_ Lobotomy (Original mix) [PRVA02] - Pragmatik Recordings - Stevie Wilson_ Torn (Pascal Roeder remix) [PR012] - Pragmatik Recordings - Mik Izif_ Zorg (Pascal Roeder remix) [PRS032] - Physical Records Séries - F.K.P EP [LABD204] - Labrynth - Modular EP incl Michael Kruck, Hierro rmx [MNT010]- MONOTON:audio - Edge of Space EP incl Repressor, Daegon, Dolby D, Viktoria Rebeka rmx [MK0028] - Mekanism Records SOON : - Inside Of My Shadow LP (11 tracks in progress) - Elektrotribe Records - NNX EP incl Calm Chor, FolicState, Wavesonik rmx - Soapherb Records
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