Oscar Villata



  • House and disco DJ from Malmo Sweden. Running vinyl only label Geography Records. GEO 005 by Shakarchi & Stranéus - out march 2013 GEO 004 by Real Cool GEO 003 by Duijn & Douglas / Campati & Esther Duijn GEO 002 by Julius Steinhoff..
    Oscar Villata is a DJ and label owner living in Malmo Sweden. He's been DJing and arranging clubs for over ten years. In 2006 he cofounded the popular club and blog Oh, Baby - I Like It Raw. The club has won two "club of the year awards". With his varied DJ sets, ranging from all sorts of disco to old and modern house, Oscar has set himself to be one of the most celebrated house & disco DJs in southern Sweden. He's currently running clubs Momma's Drum Club and Oh Baby - I Like It Raw. In september 2010 Oscar and friend Adam Lundberg launched Geography Records. Geography is a vinyl only label within the deeper side of house and techno. The Geography catalog contains of GEO 001 by Shakarchi & Stranéus, GEO 002 by Julius Steinhoff (of Smallville Records), GEO 003 by Duijn & Douglas / Campati & Esther Duijn and GEO 004 by Real Cool. GEO 005 by Shakarchi & stranéus will be released in march 2013. Throughout the years Oscar has hosted parties and shared stages with DJs and producers such as Theo Parrish, Carl Craig, Anton Zap, Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium, Move D, Julius Steinhoff, Omar-S, Andrew Weatherall, Morgan Geist, Todd Terje, Portable aka Bodycode, Scott Ferguson, Esther Duijn, Shinedoe, Anja Schneider, Radio Slave, Derrick May, Michael Mayer, Matthew Dear/Audion, Minilogue, Justus Khöncke, Daniel Wang, Prins Thomas, Lindstrom, Brennan Green and many more. http://soundcloud.com/geography http://soundcloud.com/oscarvillata