Ollie Mundy



  • Headphones on, World off, lets go on a deep musical journey.
    Best known for his heart-warming, emotional and melancholic sounds of House and Techno, Ollie’s YouTube hits ‘Deep Tunes For Deep Playa’ is a series of 10 sets, inspired by Burning Man, that have blown listeners away. Ollie believes music connects people and you feel it throughout each of his sets, as he is consistently able to take the listener away to a dreamy and euphoric place through his journeys. Some of his latest projects are mixes commissioned by Deeper Sounds, Hot Situations and Emirates In-flight radio. Ollie is lined up for some beautiful upcoming summer gigs, playing as warm up for Be Svendsen and Jan Blomqvist, to name a few. He has been lucky enough to play in some amazing places around the world and is a resident at @LostInSoundldn, which hosts a radio show on @blooplondon once a month. Monthly Radio Show https://soundcloud.com/blooplondon Resident DJ and Founder https://soundcloud.com/lostinsoundldn Youtube https://www.youtube.com/OllieMundy Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/olliem Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/OllieMundyMusic Instagram @mrolliemundy