• Modular live set artist and DJ based in Zurich. Techno Producer and sound designer.
    Olan! has a masters degree in jazz piano + composition and has toured Europe with psychedelic rock and jazz bands, but in 2013 they gave all that up for playing electronic music in clubs. It’s this one true passion they were pursuing since they were an 8 year old kid buying Hardwax vinyls with their older brother. They play Techno and experimental live sets, eclectic DJ sets ranging from Ambient to Gabber and produce club bangers. Olan!s productions are Techno oriented, have a focus on sound design and a certain playfulness, but never lose the functional aspect of tracks made for DJs.

    Selected discography

    Scalable Supervision // 0x01 records // 0x01D008 Instrumental Convergence // 0x01 records // 0x01D006 Postbreakout Takeover // 0x01 records // 0x01D004 Certain Complex Ways // 0x01 records // 0x01D003 The Big Rip // 0x01 records // 0x01D001