• Nuno_G it's a UK based Tech House / Techno DJ for Paradox ,Keller 331, Synonym and Radio DJ/Presenter for Radio Trafik
    Nuno_G is a UK based Deep House and Deep Tech DJ for NG Promotions and Radio DJ/Presenter for Radio Trafik. Born in Portugal in 1978, his love for music began when he learned to play bass guitar at school. He got involved in the dance scene in the early 90's and in 1997 moved to London, UK where he began to build a reputation as a DJ with exceptional taste. Many people know him from his old residencies with SubTerrania at FIRE and morning afterhours “Bigfish” and “Movimento” parties at well known Club Aquarium. His latest monthly resedencie its the amazing Tuesday party at EGG London Paradox He started his show on one of the fastest growing streaming radio stations Hoxton FM hosting his show every Wednesday live from Trafik Bar in Hoxton Square as part of his weekly night “Cursed”. With international guests such as Silky, Tred Benedict ,Outart (Moon Harbour), Antonio de Angelis (Onemore), Maximilian Hertz (Schwarzweiss Musik, GER) C.J.Hartmann (Frequenza Records/ Ministry of Sound Germany), Maik Yells (Neovinyl/Flumo/WOX/Katerholzing), Inigo Largo (BeaikRecords/Finnest Records/EGG London) and DJ Maximus and many more . he now left HoxtonFM after 2 1/2 successful years and start his own radio station Radio Trafik were of course you can still listen to him live every wednesday with Cursed. He has also played at some of the best parties in London and some internationals : [email protected], Portugal Hoppetosse @ Berlin [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Lane Sub-Terrania @Area London Onvision @ EGG Movimento After Hours @ Aquarium Big Fish After Hours @ Aquarium [email protected] [email protected] Visitors @ Lord Napier CLICK @ Aquarium BORA @ Trafik Cursed @ Trafik KARMA NIGHTS @ Brixton Clubhouse What Matters @ Brixton Clubhouse Contacts:!/The_NunoG