Nocturnal Wax



  • Washington, D.C. based DJ and radio presenter, uniting the sounds of underground dance and electronica.
    Dance and electronic music have been filling Nocturnal Wax's ears for as long as he can remember. Songs from the likes of Armand Van Helden, George Benson, and Chic were prevalent around the house when he was growing up. The move and groove of that music stuck with him into his teenage years when he began collecting records and learning the art of DJing. 2015 saw the beginning of The Electrified Project, the parent entity of his works. What started out as a SoundCloud podcast turned into a worldwide radio show when Platinum Radio London took interest in The Electrified Broadcast and became a weekly showcase for new and classic tunes as well as guest sets from talented DJs from the United Kingdom and beyond. Recently he has directed some of his focus onto the Just Groove party series alongside his good friend and fellow DJ Kevin Pons in the Washington, D.C. area as an outlet for them to spin their take on dance and electronica, and continuing the partnership by launching METROPOLIS in 2019 as a new haven for the sounds of Drum & Bass and everything in between. The largest addition to The Electrified Project has been the launch of Studio 96; a radio show on Arlington Independent Media’s WERA 96.7FM in the Washington, D.C. area which focuses on the sounds of underground dance and electronica created by the incredible artists and producers from DC and beyond as well as boosting the sounds of house, techno, and disco on the DC area’s airwaves. In the middle of all this, one passion of his that has never faded is the hunt for vinyl. In his own words: "Whether it’s digging through endless crates or searching through the web, the drive to find and spin the best cuts is imperative for any DJ. There is truly nothing like the feel and sound of vinyl records. Vinyl exudes a personal touch, a memento of an artist’s work, a piece of audio history. Used in the right way, vinyl is an absolute weapon for a DJ on any dance floor that can turn an ordinary night into an extraordinary memory."