Niv Hadas



  • DJ Niv Hadas (one half of Reshuffle together with Guy Gerber)
    As a key figure in the Tel Aviv club scene, as a journalist and chief editor of the hippest radio station and an enthusiastic clubber, Niv Hadas (one half of Reshuffle together with Guy Gerber) set his unique style of djing which evolved from his endless love of the various dance music forms. Growing up listening to acid house (which was playing on the unaware Israeli radio of the late 80's), Niv fell in love with electronic music and was intrigued by the myths of the dance floors of the New York, Chicago and Detroit scenes and later transferred it to his bag of record. Niv's longtime relationship with techno, disco, rave, reggae dub, Roland TB 303 and his obsession with pop culture found its way into his DJ sets, and his ever growing curiosity had assured his constant development. All these got a major kick in the ass 4 years ago when Niv started hooking up in the DJ booth with his fellow nightlife fellow, Guy Gerber. Their adventures sets which combined Guy's masterful skills of Abelton Live and Niv's quality picks, special edits, acapellas and other surprises gained massive local support. Now as a part of Reshuffle, a project that came to life just for the sake of fun and kicks, he suddenly found himself bringing his approach to the music itself. After the success of Reshuffle’s „Hedonism“, Hadas is set to tour Europe this upcoming season.
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