• DJ/producer from France, Mush has released tracks with Orlando Voorn, Kai Alcé, or Chez Damier, and has remixed Juan Atkins, Alton Miller or Pulshar. Co-founder of Chez Emile in Lyon, he is also owner of Sharivari Records.
    Dj, producer & remixer as Mush, for labels like Nightvision, NDATL, Balance Alliance, Etiku World, Technorama, and owner of Sharivari Records, releasing electronic music, from funky and jazzy house to minimal and Detroit influenced techno. Also producing contemporary and experimental soundtracks for modern dance ballets with Sharivari discography : SHV001 - Prime Time "Jeudi Noir EP (w/ Art Bleek Remix)" SHV002 - Art Bleek "The Real Thing (w/ Agnès Remix)" SHV003 - KiNK "Aphex KiNK EP" SHV004 - Art Bleek "Immigrant EP" SHV005 - Subotic "Resonate EP" SHV006 - KiNK "Tracks from the vault Vol. 2" SHV007 - Cab Drivers/Chris Simmonds/Kai Alcé/Alexman "Soulmates EP" SHV008 - Paolo Rocco "Present EP" SHV009 - Tripmastaz/Orlando Voorn/Dan Curtin/Marcelus "Reworks Vol.1" SHV010 - UFO/Kuniyuki/Haruki Matsuo/Ken Ishii "Nakama EP" SHV011 - Paul Johnson/Purveyors of Fine Funk/Ibex/Ian O'Brien "4 Jazz Techno Classics" SHV012 - Trackheadz/Microphunk "Our Music / Edge Of Infinity" SHV013 - Nick Nikolov "Space Cabin" SHV014 - Noma "Red Shift (w/ Nummer Remix)"

    Selected discography

    Releases as Mush & The Reminder : - Mush "Tests volume 1 (w/ Orlando Voorn remix)" NightVision Records (vinyl EP) - Mush "Test 66 (w/ Chez Damier & Lee Holman remixes)" NightVision Rec. (vinyl EP) - Mush "The Descent EP (w/ Rolando & ROD remixes)" Technorama (vinyl EP) - The Reminder “Lite on” Etiku World Rhythms Vol.1 (vinyl EP) - The Reminder "Underwater Senses (feat. Sequent)" Etiku World Recordings (vinyl EP) Remixes : - Infiniti (Juan Atkins & O. Voorn) "Game One (Mush remix)" NightVision Rec. (vinyl 3xLP) - Kai Alcé "Power Thru pt. 3 (Mush remixes)" NDATL Muzik (vinyl EP) - Alton Miller "Loves right here (Mush remix feat. Daniel Brothier)" Balance Alliance (vinyl EP) - Lee Holman "Signal (Mush remix)" CLFT - Vladimir Macar "Silly Walking (Mush remix)" Sintegra Music (digital EP) - Pulshar (Pablo Bolivar & Aphro) "No meditation (Mush Space dub edit)" Phonobox (2xCD) - Kai Alcé "Power Thru Pt 3 : ReRubs (Mush's Classic Sax Mix)" NDATL Muzik (digital EP) - KZR "Feeding - Andres remix (feat. Power Thru - Mush Classic mix)" NDATL003 (vinyl EP) - John Dalton "Tint (Mush remix)" SeedyR (digital EP) - Eedio “Feel Elation (Mush remix)” Difu (digital EP) - iMotion "Mind Bomb (Mush remix)" Subself (digital EP) - Alex Israel "The Sark (Mush remix)" Subtrak (digital EP) Compilation appearances : - Steve Bug “The Lab 02” NRK - Cassy “In The Mix - Simply Devotion” Cocoon - Steffi “Mnml Ssgs Mx” mnml ssgs - Derrick May & Jimmy Edgar “We Love Detroit” We Love