Mt. Sims



  • "Twist! howl! buckle! break! and repeat after me"
    Matt Sims began startling audiences with his unusually provocative performances which were equal amounts political satire , surreal imagery and sensual debauch. With three dancers (à la The Fall), this performance group explored the contemporary connections between media, consumerism, sex, and entertainment. Gaining comparisons from artist Paul McCarthy's food work to James Brown's hip work, this show caused enough of a stir to get the attention of DJ Hell who quickly signed them to his International DJ Gigolo Records label alongside the likes of Tuxedo Moon, Terence Fixmer, CROSSOVER, Vitalic and Linda Lamb. The release of Mount Sims's first album Ultrasex on Emperor Norton records, now a cult classic electro-pop album, put Sims on the map internationally with the hit song "Hate Fuck."??In 2004, the follow up LP Wild Light was released. This album, with such songs as "No Yellow Lines" and "Urgent Not Urgent," introduced a darker side of Mount Sims. Collaborating with artists David J. of Bauhaus, Roger Manning Jr. (Beck), Echo Angelica Danon (So Does The Fire / E.V.R.) and visual artist Elad Lassery, Wild Light was a landscape of made from themes which touched on the darker side of human nature: Obsession, isolation, horror and madness were to become a noted themes in Sims's lyrical arsenal. Musically both noisy and melodic, Wild Light became the mark of a definite a departure form purely electronic music and from all which previous fans considered to be pleasant, to a very particular style of music influenced by post-punk and the LA underground. AT this time Matt was asked to do remixes for a various range of artists including the likes of Madonna ( in which it was noted that he used samples of Charles Manson's recorded material ) and a Duet with the Ross of Christian Death. After touring extensively throughout Europe as a three-piece band (as opposed to a performance art piece as was the case withUltrasex) Sims decided on breaking the band up and relocating to Berlin, Germany. It is here that Matt began working on a new incarnation of the band with Randy Twiggon bass, Andre Lange on drums, and Thomas Stern of Crime and The City Solution behind the sound and production. THis lead to the Hungry eye records release A Grave EP, and a third full length, Happily Ever After. That album was an even further departure from pure electronic dance music and presented a creepier and more aggressive content than any other Mount Sims album, featuring guest musicians Jessie Evans (Vanishing, Autonervous, Subtonix) Toby Damit (Swans, Iggy Pop) , Bryan Black (Motor), Jackson ( Jackson and his Computer band) and visual art collaboration with Rat Boy of CROSSOVER . . In the time period of recording new tracks, Matt spent 6 months in the studio w Olof & Karin Dreijer ( The Knife) collaborating on music and libretto for their upcoming Darwinian Opera entitled TOMORROW IN A YEAR, which is a partnership between The Knife and the Denmark based performance theater group Hotel Proforma. This contemporary opera will premiere in the Royal Opera house of Copenhagen on September 2nd and will also feature musical collaborations between Olof & Planning to Rock. The musical content for this opera falls somewhere in between beautifully disturbing and grimly hopeful.