• Monile is a young Moroccan Dj/producer.
    Born in Rabat, now based in Barcelona, she is a dynamic and passionate lady whose heart is split between two loves: Architecture and Music. From the early age of 12, She was drawn to electronic music. At that time, a very different style than today, she planted her roots from 90's hip hop & rnb all while tap-ping into jazz and disco music. She is also keen on exploring different flavors, from berber rhythms (her origin) to ethnic grooves coming from places she's been to. Her music reflects a rhythmic compassion for deep grooves and enchanting bass lines all-encompassing a minimal/ tech genre. Monile has been playing music since 2012. From playing intimate environments, for friends and in private party's... She has been well recieved many times and finally de-cided to give herself a name and go public. She started producing her own music in 2017 and has since then released Eps on CELO Rec, LTHM and Fragments. With her broad musical background, her productions and dj-sets incorporate the deep and dub-influenced sound she loves, whilst retaining the driving funk of her musical past. Her love for music is an endless journey to share with the world.