• Moniker came into being in 2007, the mutated incestuous child of Kenneth Scott and Emilio Orlandi. A conversation about vintage analog gear while soaking up San Francisco's late night techno sounds brought them together in the studio, leading to incess..
    A write up of our 2009 debut gig: "...But on this night the moment belonged to Kenneth Scott and Eo-who according to Rift-just dreamed of this analogic annihilation just a few short months ago. Performing live under the alias Moniker these two had actual gear and miles of it. Initially what I was expecting was an hour or so of impenetrable Speedy J informed machine language and non-musical noise. What Anna & I in reality received was perhaps one of the greatest musical performances of our lifetimes to date-and that's saying a lot because we've both had some amazing moments over our 70+ combined years on planet Earth. I was in a reflective space that night and spent my time chilling as a sizable crowd of party goers surged with energy, exploding into a dancing frenzy set to the duo's electronic manipulations-a mix of top shelf Berlin approved techno and the lithe grooves of a cat like say Francois K. The tiny room was filled with palpable electricity as the crowd swirled around the performers and their gear completely surrounding them in a 360 degree circle devouring their every movement." - Sean Michael Yoder, Bigshot Magazine

    Selected discography

    Moniker - Deep Space Vacation EP - Smash Hit Music Company Moniker - Live at Sunset SF Live LP - Smash Hit Music Company Moniker - Pocket Call - Primaveral Series - Auralism Records