• The word ”organic” often comes into mind when you hear MLiR's music. They blend together a whole new universe of sounds, analog vs organic, samples vs field recordings; always telling a story and impossible to categorize under one genre.
    Breaking through in 2016 via their EP "Swedish Lo-Life", released by Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács on the eclectic Studio Barnhus imprint; MLiR was born in 2014 from a love of heavily dug DJ sets, late-night studio sessions and live organic elements resulting in a sound that channels a whole universe of dance-floor stories. Their hit "People" went viral and has over a million plays on Spotify. Einar Christoffersson and Marco Gegenheimer have since then released records on Studio Barnhus, Local Talk, Internasjonal, HOUZ RECORDS, and Compost Records. More coming this year, will be three different verions of their and Arnau's song "Calanda" for Ibadan Records, the lads' debut album TBA, a remix for Endless Records and quite a few Edits TBA. They can't wait to show more of their world of future sounds!

    Selected discography

    MLiR "Swedish Lo-Life" [Studio Barnhus] 2016 MLiR "Trans-World Junktion" [Studio Barnhus] 2019 MLiR & Arnau Obiols "Lajbans" [Local Talk] 2019 MLiR & Velmondo "Mad Honey" [Internasjonal] 2020 DJ Tonka "Feel (MLiR's Long Hot Summer Edit)" [HOUZ Records] 2020 Arnau Obiols & Kayyak "Gent de Nit (MLiR's Lulo Version) [Compost Records] 2021 UPCOMING RELEASES 2021: Debut Album Anthony Georges Patrice "Change (MLiR Remix) [Endless Records] MLiR & Arnau Obiols "Calanda" [Ibadan Records] Remix for Fantasy Love Records