Miss Sabado



  • Miss Sabado is a NYC based DJ/performer, born and raised in LA, disrupting the status quo with her distinctive approach on cross pollinating underground dance music with influential retro sounds from the 80s and 90s, primarily freestyle and dance punk.
    Farrah Sabado is first generation Filipino American, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles to a family of six. Music was a major part of her upbringing, with foundational training in classical piano starting at the age of 5, while older siblings brought home hip-hop mix tapes from harsh inner-city streets, simultaneously as her parents discovering American R&B records for the first time. All this contributed to the principal constituent of her musical influences, but an encounter with punk rock and post punk in her adolescent years shape shifted her palette and has arguably served as the main driving force that ultimately catapulted her career in underground dance music, falling in love first with minimal techno from Berlin and Detroit/Chicago acid house and classics. Her first introduction to the scene was in 2006 in her hometown of Los Angeles, predominantly as an avid fan that inspired her to write and blog about dance parties, new music, and the artists and labels that contributed to the movement. This obsession took her overseas to Europe, where she trekked from city to city, documenting the culture of underground dance music and continuing to write about those experiences in her blog. She returned back to LA in the Spring of 2009, inspired and stimulated, with a burning desire to take her comprehensive knowledge of music and apply it to the art of DJing. The following year, she moved to NYC where she began a full-time pursuit in the craft. Since then, Miss Sabado has proven to be a force of nature and an influential pillar in shaping NYC's underground dance music scene. She has held multiple residencies around Manhattan and Brooklyn, producing her own independent parties and curating lineups of DJs and artists to play alongside herself, highlighting primarily home grown talent and women in the scene. She was one of the first female DJs to emerge, sustain, and evolve with changing times, making her a true pioneer, always surprising her audience and coming out with creative ways to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. 2019 is a groundbreaking year for Farrah, with her forthcoming debut EP "Stargazm" ready for release, and the launch of a new collection of visual musical narratives independently produced and funded under Miss Sabado Productions that brings back the art of storytelling, beginning with the premiere of "Rendezvous" the music video and single to be released first from the three song EP. Miss Sabado blends her love of underground dance music with the influences of her upbringing in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, cross pollinating dance beats with retro street sounds from the 80s and 90s, primarily freestyle and dance punk, blurring music genres and labels and establishing one unequivocally fresh category that can only be identified as the signature sound, style + vision of Miss Sabado, making her one of Brooklyn’s most exciting new emerging artists. You can catch Miss Sabado live every Saturday at her weekly residency at The Water Tower Bar in Brooklyn for "Saturday Mass with Miss Sabado and Friends". Or you can find her podcast series "Saturday Mass with Miss Sabado" on iTunes, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

    Selected discography

    Stargazm EP (2019)