• Mira is that rare kind of DJ whose music can immediately transport you into her world - a midnight circus in Berlin, where time loses all definition and anything becomes possible.
    Born in East Germany to a renowned photographer and a classical musician, she began DJing in 1996 and quickly rose to prominence as part of the growing underground techno scene around Leipzig and Halle/Saale. Her dedication to her craft and natural talent swiftly paid off with a series of rapid successes, leading her to substantially shape the electronic music scene of Eastern Germany from that point on. In 2006, Mira moved to Berlin, Europe’s capital of electronic music, where she found her musical home at the legendary Bar25. Situated on the banks of the river Spree with parties that lasted into the middle of the week, Bar25 was the true embodiment of Berlin’s club scene in the 2000s. In the company of notable artists such as Nu, Acid Pauli, Feathered Sun and Christopher Schwarzwälder, a musical language was being formed that looked past the minimal trends of the time towards a more nuanced, organic musical language. It was from this here that Mira rose to fame throughout Europe and the world, as she suddenly became a defining representative of a distinctive sound that was going global. Deep and soulful whilst always maintaining a continuous, sensual groove, Mira’s sprawling, hypnotic sets became the soundtrack for many an endless night at Bar25, Kater Holzig and now, Kater Blau. The centrepiece of Mira’s residencies at these clubs has been her yearly birthday event ‘Katzen Tanzen auf’m Tisch’, which runs for three days straight every December. Curated by Mira from a selection of old friends and new faces, the series has hosted a multitude of then-unknown artists who have now gone on to tour the globe. In 2020, Mira’s birthday series came in the form of a compilation for the first time, showcasing the spirit of her events over 43 original tracks. Also a year-round booker at Kater Blau and curator for the Kater-affiliated label Kiosk I.D., Mira’s fingerprints are all over the sound of the club. In the studio, Mira often collaborates with her partner-in-crime Christopher Schwarzwälder, and the two of them have released a host of chart-topping singles. This partnership has since carried on to dancefloors globally, where their legendary back-to-back sets make for a perfect musical dialogue between the two artists, who share a deep understanding and love of sound. Mira has been at the height of her game for the past twenty years, continuously shaping the sounds around her, and never ceasing to push inspiring new artists. As happy playing in a small underground club in East Germany in the 90s as she is playing to thousands of festival-goers at Burning Man - Mira is one of those artists of whom you can truly say that she’s doing it for the love of the music. Every time a new track by some undiscovered producer falls into her lap is a new moment to fall in love again with her craft, and spread that love with the tens of thousands who hear her play.

    Selected discography

    KIOSK I.D. - Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder - Deía 2020 Rebellion der Träumer - Paul Baume - Opaque (Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2020 KIOSK I.D. - Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder - Yuvia 2019 Einmusika Recordings - Budakid - No Human Is Illegal (Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2019 LNDKHN - Kermesse - Nostalgia (Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2018 Happy Camper recordings - Noraj Cue - Story at the Campfire (Mira&Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2018 Monolink - Faces (Mira&Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2018 Loot Recordings - TRU - Trachyt (Mira&Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2017 Sol Selectas - KMLN - Sabilu feat. Mian (Mira&Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2016 Denature Records - Viken Arman - Sireli (Mira&Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2016 Katermukke - Britta Unders - Natural Striptease (Mira&Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2016 Auditive - Jonas Saalbach & Samuel Fach - Vital Signs (Mira&Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2016 Katermukke - Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder - Ayun EP 2015 URSL - Nico Stojan & Mira - Born and Raised 2015 Delicieuse Musique - Jacob Groening - Hangover (Mira&Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2015 URS - Leila EP - Mira&Chris Schwarzwalder 2014 URSL - Superhits 1 - N!co Stojan & Mira - Hangover (12") 2013 Katermukke - Lust N Love - Don’t Care (Mira & Christopher Schwarzwalder Remix) 2013 Heinz Music - Christopher Schwarzwalder - Magma (Mira&Chris Schwarzwalder Remix) 2013 Partina - Mira&Dima - Miru Mira (Nu&Miras Think about you Remix) 2012 Fenou - Lake Powel - More or Less (Mira&Chris Schwarzwaelder Remix) (10") 2012 URSL 006- N!co Stojan & David Keno - Princess of the Night (Mira & Chris Schwarzwaelder Remix) (12") 2012 Katermukke 003 - Mira & Dima - Miru Mira with remixes from Nu & Mira, Dima, Pilot and Hiko & Besh 2012