• Electronic music producer and DJ from Antwerp (Belgium), based in Berlin (Germany).
    Metrobox’ commitment to electronic music is essentially deeply rooted. He studied the traverse flute for over a decade (classical & jazz) and holds a masters degree in biotechnological engineering. Since his first techno/house related EP came out in 2007 (“Homebase”, Morse Records), he has steadily gained a solid reputation as a DJ, live performer and producer, which brought him to perform at some of Europe’s finest venues. Labels releasing his music include We Play House, Morse, Mobilee, Other Heights and Blossom Kollektiv. From 2012 to 2015 he hosted a series of nights titled “Home (Away From Home)” in Leuven (Belgium), before finally settling in Berlin. While continuously further developing his sound and craft, he’s been involved in several collaborative efforts on record as well as on stage. His own musical output aside he’s a frequently consulted mixing engineer and a dedicated sound designer involved in the development of novel, contemporary electronic instruments.

    Selected discography

    Selected Discography : - Metrobox, Daniel.fx, Rodaq - Dalken 1 - Rodaq - Cervus - Metrobox & Daniel.fx remix (Insist Music) - Wanderlust Vol.1, 2 & 3 - Full Album (We Play House) - Pagans & Poets EP (Blossom Kollektiv) - Taxi Kigali - Doctors On Vacation EP (Godzilla Kebab) - Soul Principessa - WPHSS 2013 (We Play House) - Fellowship Of The Funk - Vol.02 (Fellowship Of The Funk) - Monetics - OHWL#Ten (Other Heights) - Stroom, Spanning & Weerstand EP (We Play House) - Fellowship Of The Funk - Vol. 01 (Fellowship Of The Funk) - Le Cousin - I Took A Break - Metrobox Analog Remix (Broken) - Red D & Social Disco Club feat. Metrobox - Who made this Jack / Need You (We Play House) - Marcin Czubala & Metrobox - Rosegirl - 5 years 8Bit (8Bit) - Marcin Czubala feat. Metrobox - Anna in Red - Back2Back Vol. 5 (Mobilee Records) - Every Time (Refused & Revinylized) - Cabaret Modulaire (Morse Records) - KlangModule - Konsonanz featuring a brilliant remix by FCL (Morse Records), - All I Wanna Do featuring remixes by Max Cue and Maks (USA Import Music), - 2018 EP (USA Import Music), - Elektrik Kiss Remix (Push It Records), - 2140 (Usa Import Music), - Terravoid - Console (USA Import Music), - Escape from Planet Utopia (Morse Records), - Terravoid - But Slap (Morse Records), - Le Massacre du Printemps (White Label/Clone Records), - Homebase (Morse Records)