• The Methodrone sound is wide ranging...everything from textured ambient soundscapes to energetic dance floor escapes.
    The Methodrone sound is wide ranging, everything from textured ambient soundscapes to energetic dance floor escapes. Refusing to be defined by any specific musical genre, Methodrone has built a catalog incorporating sounds, rhythms and influences from across the musical spectrum. It’s primary contributors, Kramer and Scott G, have diverse musical backgrounds that have helped guide Methodrone’s direction into a space that is not entirely electronic nor organic. It is this blend of ideas that has helped Methodrone create a space all their own across the musical landscape. Releasing a series of albums and singles with San Francisco based Looq Records, the music of Methodrone has sparked unique partnerships with seasoned musicians such as Grammy winning bassist Bernie Minoso and guitarist Jerry Fuentes. These types of collaborations have helped Methodrone create a unique and layered sound transcending the typical electronic music space. At the same time, they have also worked with established dance music producers such as Royal Sapien (Bedrock) and Jason Randolph (Baroque, Sony) to produce solid dance floor-ready remixes. This ability to connect music across a spectrum of genres has allowed Methodrone’s work to find its way into international TV shows (CSI: New York), video games (WRC2), interactive projects (Intel, Jaguar-Land Rover), commercial use (ECOtality), compilation CDs and of course the dance floor. Methodrone will once again showcase their innovative work with their third album Spacial Recognition early 2013 in addition to several upcoming remix projects.

    Selected discography

    Methodrone - Spacial Recognition (2013) Methodrone - Mercer and Broome Remixes (2012) Loöq From There To Here - Vol 1 (2012) Loöq House - Top 11 of 2011 (2011) Momu - Space Pimp Remix (2011) Methodrone - Where Is The New World (2011) Methodrone - Slow It Down Remixes (2011) Jondi & Spesh - We Are Connected - The Remixes (2011) Loöq House - Top 10 in 2010 (2010) Methodrone - s4D EP (2010) Methodrone - Nonlinear Reality (2009)