• DJ/Producer based in London, UK. Performing various styles of house and techno globally at various world-leading clubs and festivals.
    Music has been a big passion throughout his life, and he has always admired the energy, emotions, and sense of togetherness that it delivers. This passion pushed him to learn about music in his early teens, then progressing to creating his own sounds. Working as a professional drummer and percussionist with the BBC Concert Orchestra for a year gave him wide exposure within the music industry, and a chance to work with multiple award-winning artists. However, after being introduced to Detroit techno by his father, his passion for electronic music grew continually, ultimately influencing him to take on the decks . Having been a DJ for over four years now, he has had the pleasure of performing at iconic venues around the UK such as Ministry of Sound, Egg, Studio338, Proud, and Sankeys; as well as making multiple guest appearances around the world including Ibiza, Croatia, Dubai, Belgium, and many more. He has a keen ability to tailor his sound towards the atmosphere of the audience, with his sound being described as percussive and upbeat, driven forward with warm bass patterns. He continues to push his abilities and improve his skills as a DJ and musician, aiming for new heights with every performance.