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    Mehr is Mehr We wish everyone would have more trust in themselves. More courage to leave their comfort zones. Fewer doubts and sorrows. More moments when our inner child takes over, more carefreeness, more tears of joy. But most of all: Mehr is Mehr! This may sound cheesy, but when Vera and Rosalie first met in 2013, it felt like destiny from the get go. They clicked, became partners in crime and went on a two-year journey to discover Berlin's Techno scene - always on the lookout for the next rave, and always front row with the beat in their hearts and their eyes locked on the DJ console. They didn’t even bother resisting Techno's allure and soon bought a cheap old controller to learn the alchemy that is djaying. After a while they began performing at birthday parties among their cirle of friends. One night the old controller crashed, so, with sweaty palms and shiny eyes, they scraped together their savings and purchased a brand new unit. In hindsight that was the point in time when Mehr is Mehr came to be. Just a few months later they had their first Berlin club gig. Soon after Nicorus started his Techno/Psy event series „Les enfants d’la cave“ and invited them to become part of his crew. The following years were a crazy ride. Mehr is Mehr got booked by clubs like Watergate, Kater Blau, Moloch and many many more. Also their biggest dream: spinning the wheels at Hammahalle of the notorious Sisyphos club came true! Fun fact: Hammahalle was the place, where Mehr is Mehr coined their name during the early days. But they weren't just playing at clubs - plenty of festivals such as Château Perché, Bucht der Träumer and Wilde Möhre began filling their summers. Since 2017 Mehr is Mehr is part of the Wuza crew, which organizes parties all over Europe. In May 2018 the booking agency Soupherb took them on. There’s still no end in sight, as you may suspect: Mehr is Mehr.