• Professional DJ for almost 20 years and producer of electronic music MAYA is willing to continually expand his horizons, DJ said on the national scene suggests his new remix, the song is a cult that shocked the world of global dance floor, JAY DEE - PL..
    Professional DJ for almost 20 years and producer of electronic music MAYA is willing to continually expand his horizons, DJ said on the national scene suggests his new remix, the song is a cult that shocked the world of global dance floor, JAY DEE - PLASTIC DREAMS . Extensive experience record echoing behind him, it is a continuous flow and evolve up the success, the new remix is the confirmation! The debut in 1985 marked the beginning of a long journey that has brought great results to date. After several collaborations and Featurings is the debut in 1990 within the Party organized. The first generation of which it was originally dedicated to be all'Underground after some time and the Progressive all'Hardstyle then move along with the spectacular sounds Trance and Electro House. In 1998, however, the approach allows producers in the world of Maya to present its image worldwide. Couple a spirit completely unique and allows you to expand throughout Europe in his music. Driven by a passion for the music world in search of new sounds and new emotions to be expressed with a kind face ever new and ever more to a broad audience, Maya opens the door to a different sound, the minimal techno. After several productions with the label KRONE RECORDS BETWORKS GROUP, HOUSE PRODUCTION and SINEDIE RECORDS, Maya imprint his unique style of gender than with minimal techno label JEAN DARK consecrates this great project. "The music represents a set of colors to express any shade with the vinyl gives the sensation that allow people to represent themselves, which is not always easy to uncover! "Her name appears on important magazines virtual ground that they give proper weight. Plastic Dreams The project was born to play in April 2008, starting to make brick by brick a heavy groove and a melody very stunted, after which, the idea of recovering a piece of vinyl from his door staff had harassed 90% of people of the discos in the world, they hope to create a new dream PLASTIC, this is the arrival of a product that many experts years guaranteed quality and innovation. Too many difficulties in accepting the project by a major label that has sought the cooperation and has been denied, perhaps unwilling to believe in these projects, perhaps as remixed. Speaking Maya in the future already in the pipeline another project (and talk about another remix) this time of a great artist of Italian dance music that marked the era of Italian progressive ... ... ... In 2005 and 2006, his first compilation, followed by a series of individual not to be missed. Undisputed star of many events that he himself developed also in aid of charity will make her image more and more strong in music accomplice especially his music and his unique inimitable songs. Press Office Marina Barberio / mayadj [email protected] / [email protected] Tel +39 3386735914 For information: Dj, Producer, Remixer, Singer and talent scout Label: TRAFERRO Recordings For Italy booking: [email protected] For Europe booking: [email protected] Productions and remixes contact: [email protected]

    Selected discography

    - January 2005, the output of the first official compilation style MAYADJ HOUSE SELECTION VOL.1 with the record label "JINSAI RECORDS (11 tracks in style HOUSE). - 2006, leaving the second compilation MAYADJ HOUSE SELECTION VOL.2 this time in collaboration with the label "SINEDIE RECORDS (10 tracks in style HOUSE). - April 23, 2007, the first single with the label "KRONE RECORDS 'dj marco corona, FIT CATCH BACK. - June 25, 2007 still comes out on label KRONE RECORDS "the first single of the remix of" CROWN MARK - TIMBA TIMPA TAMPA (just like the Mayan remix). - July 9, 2007 a new single but now under another pseudonym, CARL Krol - GUILT OF THE BRASS, HOUSE CLASSIC individual typically full of trumpets and a sax pleasure for lovers of brass. -22 September 2006 Quality Award winner 'the first edition of the National NOTTEINSONNE DJ WAVE CONTEST. - In September 2007 I have my entry with my special CHARTS for sale in the biggest giants of the sale of digital music world like "BEATPORT, TRAKITDOWN & DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. - January 2007 leaving the fake FIGO FILL inside the remix of Maya for the artist MARK CROWN - TIMBA TIMPA TAMPA (Maya just like the remix. - December 2007 is sent ON AIR video MAYA @ WORK, program channel for young GXT on the SKY platform. - April 5, 2008 at the VIP DJCLINIC performance in all 'HAPPY HOURS Cesenatico inside the gazebo where we first performed FILIPPO NARDI, SAMANTHA GAROFALO the SATIN GIRLS GIULIA REGAIN. - May 18, 2008 with the song "HYBRID MAN" 4th place in the category BEST PRODUCER contest that NOCHE ESCABROSA organized at national level for all Italian DJs and producers. - September 2008 I joined TEDENZIA part of the family, where my DJ sets are heard throughout Italy by 100 fm radio that are part of the circuit pattern. - January 2008 Part my new radio format around the radio by the name Italian MINIMALSCHOCK radio show exclusively minimal style. (now we know that many are associated radio around 250 but we are not sure of the figures). - March 11, 2009 came out two new songs HYBRID MAN & GIRLS Pervert on Beatworks Records DJ Roby Mannarini. - June 29, 2009 new out with the mini album on label JEAN RECORDS DARK / Zebralution with songs TEH Lousã & ANOTHER WORLD WAR. - 06 July 2009 leaving the DJ's INSIDE DARK COLLECTION (Cd) with the single from their mini album THE LAST WORLD. - February 4, 2010 ilremix out the song that made music history House JAY DEE - PLASTIC DREAMS, my remix will be minimal in style MAYADJ - PLASTIC DREAM (Minimal remix 2009) and with the release of Ivan Iacobucci and DJ Castello. - February 18, 2010 we are pleased to have reached with the remix PLASTIC DREAMS the 34th place ranking official TECK HOUSE distributor of digital music DJDOWNLOAD. - New album releases in 2010 provided: 2) new releases with the label and TECHNOMAFIA DARK STAR RECORDS, a ) new track on a compilation of DJ CASTLE, 1) to remix the TECHNOMAFIA EMANUELE THROUGH RECORDS. Maya Discography The compilation "MAYADJ SELECTION FOR DJ TRAXX VOL.1, released in Italy with JINSAI RECORDS label in 2005. The compilation MAYADJ SELECTION VOL. 2 TRAXX FOR DJ, produced by label SINEDIE RECORDS out across Italy in November 2006. The single electro house CATCH BACK FIT released April 23 sale to the best digitalstore the globe. WASHING MACHINE VOL. 1 compilation. The compilation release April 24, 2007 with the inside track MAYADJ - CATCH FIT BACK. B SIDE VOL. 1 compilation. Essential selection of b-sides compilation release on June 11 with the inside track MAYADJ - CATCH FIT BACK. The cover of the single CROWN MARK MAYADJ where else too (just like remix) electro track hou7esce June 25 digitalstore best in the world. WASHING MACHINE COMPILATION Re-Cleaned Essential tracks for Krone's 2007 Summer Compilation coming out on July 2 with inside those songs. CARL Krol 'Guilt Of The Brass' Lyrics: Rocco Barberio Gender house club track with sax from sballo.Uscita July 9, 2007. Hibryd Man Pervert & Girls: Minimal Techno Tracks outputs the label on March 11, 2009 BeatWorks Group. The Last World EP: The new mini album coming out in the global digitalstore June 29, 2009, and contains two tracks in style Minimal Techno entitled " ANOTHER WORLD WAR & THE Lousã label on Jean Records Dark & Zebralution DARK INSIDE DJ's Collection: Exit June 30, 2009 in the compilation with the track ANOTHER WORLD, the compilation becomes a TOP SELLERS of Discopiù. PLASTIC DREAMS: Exit on February 4 exclusively on and 11 February on the rest of the network's famous song that has had and still dance the whole globe since 1993. MAYADJ - PLASTIC DREAMS also within the track of the friends Dj Castello & DJ Ivan Iacobucci.